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  3. Grats Nev!
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  5. congrats man thats awesome!!!!
  6. Ayyy gz Robbi
  7. chicken tacos with peri peri sauce
  8. Classic Nolan gfx, nice job.
  9. Gratz noob
  10. gz kid
  11. This is just sick @Nolan, forums look waaaaay better now Great fucking job dude!
  12. Nice bro, keep up the grinds!
  13. Nice dude, proud of you my son.
  14. damn. grats chef
  15. wassa gf
  16. Awesome. Congratulations
  17. Hello! Welcome!
  18. Yesterday
  19. Grats on 99 cooking and 99 cooking @robbiboi whats next cooking?
  20. Heard in order for Paul George, Kawhi Leonard and LeBron James to make it on the Lakers they'd have to move Ball and another player or two. They'll need something to dangle in front of teams in order to take on Luol Deng's giant contract too. Ball could be as good as gone after one season. It's a shame that his dad gives him such a bad rep because he'll probably end up being a good player in the league.
  21. Nice
  22. grats man
  23. Had a lot of fun!
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