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  2. sucks that i missed it but glad to see VnG with the big ownage GJ everyone
  3. Gz on loot lads
  4. Today
  5. was fun
  6. piss easy
  7. Free real estate
  8. Yeahh That's what Phiddy told me near the end of the pk today. I'll probly bring a d scimi if I get invited again! I bring range... even if im 75 lol, D spear. Im getting good at spearing
  9. Bring range with a d scim or zgs, your whip makes u stand out
  10. Was fun Ty for the invite again Edit: No loot was made but atleast I didnt die as much as yesterday loool
  11. Oh yes you love to see it
  12. Cake was made today, died twice but I made close to 10m today lmfao
  13. so much loot for us lately, so ez
  14. the feast was insane!
  15. Big time cake for VNG. Good job lads.
  16. Bank loot
  17. OOOOOOOOOOOWEEEEEEEEE BOYS AND GIRLS, this trip was a good one as we proceeded to come out with full intention to gain the most loot possible from all these brainless small team pkers bringing absolute cake in every way possible. Majority of the trip was complete one hits, we ran into our PvM competitors "Vintage", as we geared down into real gear and fought for a little bit having swift KO's eventually clearing them twice. We then proceeded to bear/new gate for a quick hit on the Mongolians and TB as they asked uf for a quick fight but we ended up smoking them so bad within the first 2 mins with 5 KOs back to back .Easy loot was made tonight.. Thank you all for attending! Also Thanks to iblys CC for donating us many plus 1's Active PK clan btw +1 Kill pictures -Regular Kills-
  18. I didn't even know I was eligible to win an award, thank you family! Gratz to everyone else who won an award
  19. Grats boys, Girls and Raji
  20. Gzzz everyone
  21. Yesterday
  22. Congratulations That moment Raji wins an award
  23. Gzz everyone!!!
  24. I thought he would at least get best accent
  25. OMG! THIS IS SO UNEXPECTED! I would like to thank my clanmates, for always believing in me, always pushing me to flame them at whatever the cost, and of course for being the biggest bunch of goons I''ve ever met. I would also like to thank my mom for getting me a gateway computer in 2001 so i could play Neopets and later on grow onto this beautiful game we call Runescape. I would also like to thank Jagex for Unperm banning me in 2011, and letting me continue to be a spastic. Tldr; Didn't ask.
  26. =]
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