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  1. Yesterday
  2. his ears worked, if only his brain did too
  3. Classic
  4. Dunkleton
  5. Earlier
  6. congrats!!
  7. Gz
  8. Say you're a racist.
  9. didnt even realize i did tbh
  10. Insane...
  11. Gz every1 who signed up and participated!
  12. then why sign up
  13. Very nice good luck Blinded
  14. Well done Boosted Gz Cody & Adz aswell I was so busy I only managed to get 1 ehp lol
  15. not everyone has time to play video games
  16. When 3.9 ehp wins the comp lololol
  17. maybe once you grow a cock and get good
  18. Who is dunkz?
  19. suck me
  20. Great job everyone
  21. In the midst of our Clue Scroll Competition, we had a Slayer PVE Competition in tandem to bolster clue scroll drop potential, quite a few people came out to make the gains. Off the top, we had @boostedchimp in first place with 3.9 EHP, followed by @Cody on his Iron, VonoV, coming in second with 3.2 EHP, and rounding out the top 3 coming in third was @adz1571 with 2.2 EHP. Great work everyone. @boostedchimp 3.9 @Cody 3.2 @adz1571 2.2 @dc4abi13 2.0 @Basshunter 1.9 @Anubis 1.6 @Steve 1.5 @Aldo Apache8 1.4 @Harry 1.3 @kirkpatsky 1.1 @O G Piggy 1.08 @Blackinise 1.0 @Alexa 1.0 @Pur3 Str0ng2 1.0 @Kerr @NvrPurple @Dunkz @Baker X @Elf @Tye YOU DID NOT RECEIVE MINIMUM EHP AND SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES, SCRUBS.
  22. 89 thieving achieved. Got a nice like 150k exp on my lunch break today.
  23. I would try it out and see how many you can loot in an hour. The animation to move the sarcaphagus takes awhile so it may slow down the trip. It may cost you more time than it's worth. That being said, it has the same sceptre drop rate in every room, 1/1,000.
  24. Is it worth doing sarcophagus too?
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