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  2. Ty for acknowledging me on this achievement, congratulations
  3. My fave cape!!!
  4. kys idiot
  5. Big gz, way to go!
  6. Very nice, congrats man
  7. Big GZ bro!!!
  8. Today
  9. He's a very holy man.
  10. GJ Gerald
  11. I did the numbers. @Basshunter
  12. Nice job!
  13. Grats on the prayer mate, now for combat!
  14. Thanks to everyone who helped me in the wild! @VnG Kneeled @oneal3665 @Basshunter @Martyrs @^Marvels @it was tommy @Tye @Mike @Venenatis This has been a skill I have slacked on ,and procrastinated for so long. Thanks for the push given by everyone who continued to drive me to go out and finish!
  15. Hey there
  16. Great Job guys! and all the hard work and time put into it!
  17. Ready to collect my pet winnings, was easy for my new supreme pet
  18. Grats on winning Josh Good job VNG, we tried! GF ac.
  19. Good Going
  20. Fun comp
  21. nice job guys nice tbow bas:)
  22. Nice job everyone and gz @`221 on having most points!
  23. My 2 RDT drops from Zulrah tho -.-
  24. Nice job crew!
  25. Vanguard! The back to back pvm competition has ended leaving us with plenty of GP to feed all of Venezuela and keep our return sets stocked and locked. This wasn't one of our best turn outs as we had a lot of events going on during the week but still ended up gaining a total of 248 points with a grand total of 1.9B in loot along with 3 pets captured. Anonymous Community ended up with 421 total points, 2.59B valued loot, & 2 pets. Thank you AC for the fun event through out the week and everyone else that took part in excessive raids, plenty of slayer bosses due to slayer event we had together with this, & the good ole GWD trips. - Top item collectors - 221 - 40 [WINNER] Basshunter - 34 Kneeled - 32 Stephypop - 18 Nox Aeterna - 14 Tye - 14 Erolbreh - 13 Marvels - 12 Uwantsum - 12 Numb - 11 Venenatis - 11 N3ckit - 10 Mike - 8 South Dakota - 6 Pur3strong - 6 Martyrs - 5 Powerxz - 3 C6burt - 1 @Noticeable Loots@ Pets Twisted bow Big duo splits Biggest goon
  26. Well done to all the big gainers! I have done a dishonor to my family by not achieving EHP
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