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  2. Hey, welcome to the forums, I assure you that if you have the ambition to do right by VnG that you will find VnG to be a great home.
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  4. V Nice Adrian
  5. Welcome!
  6. litty
  7. what up jon
  8. Was a lot of fun, felt good to be back in the chambers. Lets crush this PvM war!
  9. good work m8s
  10. Just remember guys chop chop!!!!!!
  11. ooooo gratzz
  12. Definitely was fun. Thanks for hosting @Basshunter, and @R3CK
  13. Congrats to Adrian! Don't stake it....and thanks Bass and everyone who came even know I was a hot mess...and ofc thanks @Ekim for helping us out! You guys made the raids worth being there for! The "calling" was perfect loool even know you all had me confused as fuck we had great laughs and loot was made!
  14. Gz Adrian
  15. Was busy winning skill comp ill attend another PVM later.
  16. FELLOW VANGUARDIANS!!!!!! We came out today, and wrecked Olm. What I saw today was a large group of dedicated PvMers who are either good at what they do or are trying to improve in any way they can come together and give Olm a taste of the Emerald city!!! So what if we had a few deaths here and there, even experienced raiders die, I still die sometimes too. :3 Anyways, good job today from everyone, I'm am extremely proud!! Grats to @itzadrian for his FFA arcane scroll!! Shoutout to @R3CK for Co-hosting Raids with me, it was a blast, I hope we can do another event together in the future!!!!! Now, let's all focus and SMASH this PvM war coming up!!!!
  17. Gz
  18. Nice intro, welcome to the forums
  19. hey
  20. Welcome and good luck, yes Evo was a waste of time good you left.
  21. welcome Jon! i think you will enjoy it here because we pvm together a lot, have weekly pve events, and pk very often. We are top tier in all factions.
  22. IGN Lavvy IRL NAME: Jon Hey guys, been playing runescape for a while now! remember there being no Grand Exchange on 07 server, played it since the day of release and always find ways to have fun! if you've ever seen me in game i'm normally at the duel arena, slaying away, or doing raids...former clan was Evo Clan and honestly i wasn't a huge fan of being bossed around by someone who thinks he can control the population of runescape... i was a bronze star and was deciding to leave for a while after my irl friend was kicked from the clan due to raiding outside Evo. anyways evo no longer is pking they allied with CT. and after leaving Evo i was thinking about joining a PK clan like CT but after hearing they are allied now i no longer wish too. I hope all works out and i can progress my way through the clan and help others along the way! i wish the best for everyone and myself! cheers for reading lads
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  24. Sexy.
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