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  1. Today
  2. Easy money well done everyone
  3. Ah yes I was gonna flame u if u didn’t include my combat bracelet and glory kill
  4. Well done VNG. Money klan
  5. good stuff boys and gals
  6. Well done everyone Easy money
  7. Bank was made!! Awesome and fun night out as always! Wooo
  8. Ez loot for Vng tonight.
  9. Action pictures
  10. so much action, so much loot , so much fun Good Job everyone !
  11. We thought tonight would be a good time for a PK Trip seeing as we had many eager lads online. We massed up the squad and hit the caves looking for anyone and anything that could potentially put up a fight. After hopping around for about 30 minutes or so, we finally found Resurgence fighting a random main clan, and proceeded to obliterate their melee pile with Barrage and Chins before cleaning up what stragglers we could find that hadn't tele'd out. After our first hit, we found a yellow cape ballista clan, what appears to be the remnants of DK & Ibliys calling themselves AS, which we proceeded to gwas and clear 4 times before having a quick scrap with Resurgence in the middle of the caves. Our numbers and skill quickly overwhelmed them and we cleaned them up and took ending. We proceeded to sweep for a couple hours and found AS again eventually ending their trip. After everything was said and done, we tele'd done with our multi-millions and called it a night. Great job Vanguardians!
  12. Yesterday
  13. E
  14. F ! shibas are cute
  15. WOW NICE!
  16. oooof, looks like a feast
  17. Congrats
  18. gz virg
  19. Gzz!
  20. Gratz annie.
  21. heck yeah gz tyler
  22. Option E I liked the one where the dog is getting hovered.Wish i could do that to my German Shepherd as it is malting like crazy atm
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