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  2. Welcome!!! 😊
  3. Welcome
  4. Welcome to Vanguard.
  5. Thanks.
  6. welcome!
  7. They assumed I was spying, kicked me and banned me from all platforms. They’re not my favorites atm haha. Still got nothing but love for most of their members tho, don’t misunderstand ☺️
  8. Welcome. We used to be allies with WG, but sadly had a falling out. I still respect them all the same!
  9. Fun question! 250/163/260 hbu? I’ve yet to get the 163 bench at a meet tho, record will be mine! Also appreciate the warm welcomes!
  10. Hey there man, welcome!
  11. Welcome to the forum man If you have any questions, you can PM me (Already have a conversation open ) Hope you like it around!
  12. Welcome to the forums. Big 3 numbers?
  13. Welcome to the Emerald City. Stick around in CC and it shouldn't be too hard to find some referrals
  14. RuneScape Name My current RSN is hxsky. Feel free to add Combat Level 117 Combat, 99 ranged & 94 magic Discord Name Husky#2230 Previous Clan History Wilderness Guardians How did you find out about Vanguard? I was reading through old threads on Zybez and saw ya'll! Do you intend on joining the clan, or just saying hello? I do intend on joining. I've been missing pking and was looking through Zybez to find a clan. Scrolled a little through your forums and I was sold when I saw this in a recap. "We returned to the caves and ran into WG with similar opts to us so we fought for some time. Our combination of good coordination and listening we cleared them off the map with ease and took out fall in win. Thanks for the fight again WG." Tell us more about yourself. I don't play too much, whenever I find the time really which can be hard when I have a full job and train for 3hours+ each day. I do play lots on free weekends tho. I do powerlifting and rent out cars. What are your Interests in-game? I really enjoy PKing and Slayer. My current slayer level is 87. I do lean more towards PKing tho, hence why I sold my bank to build up a PK tab. Anything you'd wish to add? I thought I'd create this thread to earn some forum posts and get to know people in hopes of getting a referral
  15. I really want the KBD colored one. I've got the head but I've been struggling with the slayer points for like 6 months aha
  16. Yesterday
  17. Congrats boosted, I see that HP.
  18. Accepted as future member. Your mentor will be @Steve. Get in contact with him on discord when you have time (Steve#6054)
  19. Good luck Bill!
  20. Litttttt, congrats!
  21. Congrats
  22. Best of luck buddy Will ref as well
  23. Last week
  25. Gratz buddy
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