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  1. Today
  2. Looked like a nice trip 👍
  3. Very nice well done all!
  4. thats awkward lmao
  5. Gz guys wish I was there also nice spear mike
  6. Cleared by a level 89.. they should close the cc and turn into a mining clan.
  7. Gochance..
  8. More of a stomp than a fight lmao
  9. I expected a 2:35 fight video to be sped up but it was actually just a quick clap easy clear
  10. Seeewwwwwwwwwweeeet ez cleared
  11. Thanks for the fight Paragon, hopefully more in the future! Good job Vanguard
  12. Went to go get water and PRG got cleared.
  13. VNG wins again yeeeet.
  14. Emerald City baby
  15. Too Ez for VnG. Better luck next time Paragon.
  16. The Motion Picture Production We got intel that Paragon was out PKing, so we massed up the troops and went looking for them. We found them originally on New Gate where we killed a couple before they ran. Afterwards we headed to the caves when Gochance scouted them out deep in greater numbers. We quickly gathered together to go find them, snagging a quick AGS from one of the random Rev Cave dwellers, and headed up to GDZ. We found them spread at East Tree and immediately took control of the fight, not looking back once. Thanks for the scrap PRG. Great job Vanguardians! -Pics-
  17. Yesterday
  18. Os buddy
  19. Last week
  20. I Still need that one
  21. still dont got mine
  22. Was a good trip 💪💪
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