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    Vanguard Forums | Vanguard Discord Courtesy of @oneal3665, we went out on an always fun Bandos mass and made some absolute juice. We stayed for about 2.5hrs and came away with Three Bandos Chestplates and a Bandos Hilt. Taking home roughly 8.6M each for those who were there for all four items. Great job VnG. -Pics-
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    no no no, nice pet to you miss! Vanguard community is getting success all over the game
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    I remember you Aaron, did not know about this at all but interesting to know. It's not my place but I believe you could be trusted as a member again, knowing this you wouldn't be trusted with items though.
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    After you were removed from Vanguard, I continued to use your OSBuddy Pro account for another 6 months
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    @robbiboi I don't think i've met you but know you staked robs bow and then fucked up even more. Robs a forgiving guy why not seek him out to fix your relationship with him rather than fix your relationship with vanguard.
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    Hi, gratz on staff @Dunkz?
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    was fun would gladly do again
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    Easy money! Was a ton of fun
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    Gl on this new goals bro... u can do it
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    Heey.. welcome to vanguard man.! if u want to do some bandos let me know
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    Talked to you on ts a bit, welcome brother
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    Welcome to the forums bro!
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    Welcome to Vanguard. You are welcome to use me as a staff referral because of the quality of your member refs.
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    Lil dunkz with big gains
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    Almost there Dunkz Keep up the good work! Best of luck!
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    Do lavas with me during the runecrafting competition. Definitely should be able to get 77 in 5 days.
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    Yeah I don't care for them either but that was a great video
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    1 task, b2b this, 3 whips in total, ok rs