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    On this beautiful day Friday the 13th, I got a little group of men's (plus Reck) together to go out on a little PK Trip. Immediately we ran into VR wasting no time, we started a little scrap. Within 5 minutes VR switched into rag gear (who would have thought?) and we still kept returning in gear. As the fight went on about 10 minutes later, Divine Forces rush in, piling only VnG Members and then began to fight VR. Sad we couldn't of finished our fight with VR so of course we regrouped quickly and went out to hit both DF and VR. After a few minutes of hitting both DF and VR (with both of them on us surprise surprise) we waiting for Vr to get a fall in, which the idiots did of course and we cleared them from the map once again. Thanks for the action Vr and DF. Tell us how you really feel Zak
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    Was a bit concerned when I skulled in full Veracs at new gate and a bunch of people logged in. Happy to see it was VNG pals.
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    It took me about 1 year to get that 124 cmb because of inactivity but here I am! I'm planning on getting 126 cmb by the end of this year so wish me luck.
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    So, what would you say was the absolute proudest moment of your life so far? I have a few moments I’m proud of, but the best has to be graduating from my RAF basic training. Such an awesome day! I’m far left in the last pic.
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    As the garbage song in the title and the color of this text suggests, we set Gielnor on fire blazing the community. Albeit a weak EHP output, we still got plenty of VnG to burn their time and tinder for experience gains. One fruit in particular destroyed the competition, who will remain unnamed. Good job @Boofer @robbiboi @VnG Kneeled for getting some decent gains. Everyone who made 1 EHP thank you for participating. RETRACTION: LongSnapper finished 21st with 1.02 EHP, and VnG Jonny finished 22nd. @KC1, @TheeMohican, @N_mb, @Righteousbae, @BV1, @newtonuti, and @OSRSOxygen DID NOT RECEIVE EHP. ......... I @'d everyone twice during the competition on Discord, so there are no excuses.
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    Finally achieved 99 prayer tonight! Congrats me Bonus pic: Got two birds stoned at once and achieved 2000 total level at the same time
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    Congrats @Lily really impressive 20 hours and everyone among the top 10 for that matter. Keep up the gains.
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    Doesn’t count if you put peanut butter on your penis for your dog to lick off.
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    VnG's Day Out!! ft. DF/PD (surprise visit from V2R lmao) All the SCRAPS in the world were had tonight boys. We made SO much F R E E loot from layin' a smackdown on these kids LMFAO. DF and PD tryna crash our loots but we sent 'em cryin' :joy: :joy: When will these guys learn not to mess with the GREEN!? V2R so bad they needed 4 clans to tryna clear us y'all but VnG never gives up clearing and getting +1's boys! GG EZ, come at us bruhs! Y'all ain't got no chance against the Guard kids.
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    hey brah. chill in the cc and disc to meet some people
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    Too fuckin easy for Vanguards. Gz Haxy I’m showing up for 2 seconds and getting ZGS tho
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    Long ass Pk trip lol but was fun as hell
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    So proud of my aest/late est members
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    Vanguard Forums | Vanguard Discord We headed out on 4 separate trips this weekend, all with the intention of making free money. We started out, BGSing a few +1s before heading back out later in the evening to slay the caves. As Sunday hit, we massed up to go sweep the caves yet again, not finding much opposition - we swept for ~4 hours without finding too much and making free loot. Strange that there was no sign of a certain Low IQ clan hopping around after their rough Friday. Great work this weekend Vanguardians, was a weekend of pure profit! - +1s - - Pics -
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    They say "nothing comes for free these days" That's not the case when it comes to +1s
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    They don't call us green city without reason :thumbsup:
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    Sqaud made bank. Great job this weekend. VNG wins again.
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    Doesnt get much better then that, absolute feast this weekend lads, and a hell of a lot of plus ones. Good job Vanguard
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    Welcome back yo I remember you
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    Just PKing with VR so automatically I don’t trust you. I guess we’ll see. Good luck m8
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    Gz I haven't got a single drop in my name and im over 100kc
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    I don't know how to Woox walk, could been sub 1 minute 111 cmb btw
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    As an American, we cannot even relate making it to the deeper rounds of the World Cup
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    When are these guys gonna stop embarrassing themselves in the wilderness.
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    What a bunch of bafoons, I would hate to be apart of some clan that has such gulliable leadership it's unreal. I guess that's what happens when you let Gotenks lead your PvP unit lmfaoooo
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    lol vr brainlets
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    How I imagine all applicants feel when settling for VR:
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    Our resources told us DR was out in the wilderness attempting to BGS. Of course, after their pathetic attempt at crashing our fight, we were not going to allow them the opportunity. We quickly hopped into them all in a single, death dot (Yes, they actually didn't learn from last time LOL.) Within a few moments, we barraged their entire 23 man pile out (2 clan merge, 23 man pull btw). After they had been completely cleared from the map, they attempted a regroup and actually planned to fight us! Sadly after a few minutes scraping DR ranks jumped into their rank channel and called the trip. I felt pretty bad for the few DR that continued to PK after they decided to end, good members dealing with piss poor leadership. From that point on we took Divine Resolution's wilderness reservations for the remainder of the day. We enjoyed what they wanted to do: BGS! Maybe if the new DR leader wasn't trying to be an internet gangster, his clan could freely PK without the entire clan world hunting his clan. :Thinking: We ended up BGSING for nearly 2 hours ending with Ags x3, Bgs x1, Zgs x1, Tent x1, Ballista x1. Too bad for DR we got to BGS in their place. Thanks for the bgs, btw. One of our Futures needed one.
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    Nice job iron person!
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    I had a great time today and was super proud of everybody. Good job boys and reck.
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    take those outta ur sig edit: fam u posted 2k times just to go to CT
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