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  1. Bank loot
  2. Runner up for most approachable.
  3. Grats all
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  7. Oh yes, welcome Phiddy!
  8. We set out to PK early this fine, Sunday. It wasn't long until we took complete control of the Rev caves. After some time Vitality came to challenge our authority. Since they rushed us in sub-par gear, it wasn't difficult to send the herd of them back to Lumbridge. (Yes, I highly doubt they have Edgeville re-spawn) Seeing opportunity and knowing we are primarily EST the leader of VIT challenged us to a fight. The terms were set up for 45 minutes just west of Annakarl. Vitality soon came to the realization that our GMT/EST quality was well beyond what numbers could compensate for. During the next 25 minutes we hammered into their main pile until it was split into 3 separate factions. Once we hit the 30 minute mark, Vitality decided on calling the cap off rather than continuing for the extra 15.
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  10. Episode 2
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  12. Looked like a feast