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  1. gl brian going HAM on the recruiting
  2. missed it seemed like fun
  3. RSN? - Josh 221 Tell us about yourself (proper reply required) - Josh, 26, from south western Ontario. Been playing rs for close to 14 years, 90% of it clanning. How did you hear about Vanguard? - Darkelf135 Screen-shot of you in our discord: - Who are your 2 member referrals? - Darkelf135 and Steve Who are your 2 staff referrals? -venenatis and Nolan How do you aim to take part in Vanguard's community? - In cc daily doing things with members like pking/Barb assault/pvm/skilling comps.
  4. feast
  5. Glad to see mining won. I can get 65-68 for DS2.
  6. Shouldn't take too long, enjoy yourself a long the way :P!
  7. On daily and always talking in cc/doing things with people. Awesome guy IMO, gl!
  8. hbd hopefully you're done shitting and pissing your pants. you'll all be reading soon enough.
  9. grats
  10. only got like 1.5h of agility in myself, starting a new job's fucked me on Rs. Wish i got more exp. Gratz to all the winners, however!
  11. so fucking stupid. Hopefully Runelite can just remove some access/codes to make it appropriate for use, in Jagex's eyes. Don't want to pay for OsBPro personally, anyone know if Konduit is free and worth using?
  12. grats bb