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Everything posted by Rene

  1. Grats, enjoy the new (laggy) worlds!
  2. Grats on your dinosaur.
  3. Grats Steve!
  4. :]

  5. Grats, do you have a tab/keep notes of how many zenytes you've gotten?
  6. Getting hungry for them already and I still have like 12 hours to go before I can eat them..
  7. Grats.
  8. Around 39-40k exp p/hr, assuming you have the wilderness elite done, and the fishing spot never moves. If you turn your middle sound bar on, you can hear when 1) your inventory fills up and 2) when you get attacked so once you get to the fishing spot, you can basically not look at your RS screen until you hear a sound. Depends what you're looking for I guess, I always preferred methods where I didn't have to pay too much attention so dark crabs was perfect for me compared to like barb fishing where you have to shift drop/the spots move around.
  9. :p

  10. Grats, should come fish dark crabs with me. :}
  11. sik

    Grats David.
  12. Lol nice. At least it was only the chaos ele and not any of the other wildy boss pets for that guy.
  13. Grats. Did you save your ores all the way to 99 or sold them along the way?
  14. Saw this video on it as well. Not so much a review like yours and think some of what's done in the video is added in and not in the client when you download it. Can see people doing more than what's probably allowed but the client seems to be gaining popularity recently.
  15. Grats Steve.
  16. Thought you cleaned out Marktio at first when I just skimmed over the pictures. Grats Brian.
  17. Well done on the night out.
  18. Looked like fun, well done.
  19. Don't usually check my exp but here's mine. Not too great, majority of the past month I just spent fishing dark crabs while studying for exams.
  20. Grats, 3 more to go.
  21. I have a headset now. Bought it in preparation for this moment.
  22. Seeing as the rank is currently empty, I will send in my Warlord application in a few days. My monotone voice repeating the same name over and over, as I occasionally add in "Almost dead" when the pile heals back to full HP, will bring this clan to greater heights. I also nominate @Steve as my Warlord partner when you inevitably accept my application. Best of luck with the changes friends. (:
  23. Haven't watched anime in awhile but looking these up made me want to start watching again.. PS youtube vid embeds are massive on these forums. <,<
  24. Grats. The QP cape perk along with the ability to use fairy rings without a staff is really useful, nice things to get out of the way.