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  1. Welcome Dunkz!
  2. Welcome back man, hopefully you find it in yourself to continue.
  3. Good luck Raji!!
  4. Welcome lad, good luck!
  5. Welcome Fluke! You've have a pretty remarkable amount of time in clans! Hope to see you around, welcome to the forums.
  6. Hey

    Whats up Patrick, welcome to the forums lad.
  7. Short Term: Base 70s Elite Void Qp Cape Learn Raids Join VnG as a CF! Medium Goals: Efficient at Raids Base 80s 99 Strength with 95 attack and def 90+ Range and Magic 90 Slayer Long-Term Goals: Join VnG as a full member Full 99 combat stats minus 99 prayer Working towards max gear sets Base 90s Very Long-Term Goals: Working towards max cape Inferno Cape
  8. I will never understand Woox capabilities. He leaves us all so far behind in the dust with his PVM skills hahaha.
  9. Pretty interesting video there. I could never dedicate the time needed to make an ironman like some individuals do. A lot of extra work! Cool video king.
  10. Solid! Brings back so many memories grinding out the old bosses.
  11. Hardwoods are a must! Quite easy experience. I mostly use ultra instead of payment for the trees.
  12. That is solid!! That is a great split for you both. Makes many of us jealous hahah.
  13. Pretty solid pkin there lad.
  14. I think it is easy to say that the majority of people want to AFK knights before they are gone.
  15. I will take a photo next time around as well. I think my max was in the 170s or high 160s.