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  1. Good job fellas.
  2. Good job quad.
  3. Looks juicy, good job fellas. Girlfriend unexpectedly showed up tonight after she got off work, sorry I missed the fight fellas.
  4. Gz pal, all that hard work of yours paying off.
  5. Hell yeah brothers. We did well.
  6. Welcome pal.
  7. Sad I wasn't able to attend, great job vng!
  8. Lmao, gz.
  9. 99

    Gz pal.
  10. More times than not, pizza!
  11. Welcome Nancy, hope to continue seeing you around the chat and in events
  12. Gz mate, keep it up!
  13. Neither, both are horribly awful.
  14. Fornite is a bad game, OSRS forsure.
  15. Juicy looking loots fellas. Gz.