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  1. Good shit today, boys
  2. The new memelord? This is gold
  3. Can confirm
  4. revived by the memelord himself
  5. Definitely a great learning experience.
  6. Was fun with the old squad, hopefully we can do it again. More are welcome
  7. I would like for this to come to OSRS.
  8. Zulrah was the ultimate money maker. It was inefficient to do anything but Zulrah since overtime it became easier to kill, so there was no reason not to learn it. Now, other money makers might come back into the spotlight instead of "just do Zulrah". The 80s-90s combat bracket was cancer for BH. Voiders were horrible to go up against as a zerker, and especially as a 1 defense pure. You're almost always guaranteed high hit combos if you're a voider, it was simply just too easy to dominate BH. One thing I wouldn't mind is if elite void had pre-nerf damage, since the 100+ bracket tend to not use void ranged as much in pvp. Yea, Jagex might have gone too far with the nerfs to the serp helm. No more venom, same str bonus as nezzy helm, no prayer bonus. Since prayer bonus seems to be favored over defensive stats in most situations, I don't see a use for serp helm anymore unless you wanna pay for poison protection.
  9. Zulrah is a fun boss to pick up, but the fact that doing anything but Zulrah is inefficient kinda destroys the game's integrity. The nerf opens up more options for money making instead of "just do Zulrah". Most PvPers seem to hate the nerfs because obviously we don't like to skill, but honestly, it's for the better. At least there's raids, which in my opinion, is even more fun than Zulrah.
  10. Zulrah nerfs, Void Ranged nerfs, and items dropped in the wilderness appearing instantly? Does it get any better than this?
  11. Damn, what is going on?
  12. Woah woah woah, not yet. Maybe soon
  13. You guys have come far. Good ****.
  14. I forgot how chaotic these wars would be. Amazing, it felt good to fight with VnG once again. GG boys