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  1. RSN? -j o rd a n Tell us about yourself -my names Jordan, I'm 25 years old, if I'm not working or racing I'm on rs How did you hear about Vanguard? -my cousin How do you aim to take part in Vanguard's community? -raids, pve Do you plan on joining Vanguard? -no just community member Clan history? -just vanguard Screen-shot of you in our discord: (Only required for Community Member) - Who are your 2 member referrals? (Only required for Community Member) -brian, adrian Who are your 2 staff referrals? (Only required for Community Member) panic tab, long snapper,
  2. the alt snipes the t bow l0l0l 3k points
  3. How do I take screenshots on osb? I’ve been using sharex
  4. @Weap0nz @Son of Sam
  5. and ill do next one if you do another one
  6. song name?
  7. Lol @Mike
  8. sweet, wish I was on!
  9. Welcome, very nice clan to be apart of
  10. Hey always see you in the cc gl!
  11. Hello