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  1. omg i love 7 days to die!!
  2. im actually curious, please explain
  3. thanks everyone lols
  4. You'll deff see me:3
  5. Actually I feel pretty confident in my switching of gear and prays. Been practicing a whole lot
  6. Life rs is
  7. 12 cats haha, 6 indoor and 6 outdoor
  8. thank youuu hi everyone lols
  9. Current RSN? - MissStella To the best of your memory, list all previous RSNs: -StelIa -Stellatron Country and Timezone? - USA, PST Previous clan & teams? Please be as specific as possible, list your obtained ranking, etc. - Bassmafia - Officer, - left because they were super corrupt with leads backing scammers. -Infinity - recruit, - Didn't vibe with any of the members How did you find us? / Who recruited you? - Venenatis at the GE List 2 people who are willing to refer you to join the clan. Also, list any others you may know in Vanguard. - Is this needed? I kinda play solo mostly. How much PvP experience do you have in P2P? How much PvP experience do you have in F2P? - I have a pure, BabyStella - I've been pking since bout 05, back and forth. The newer metas are new to me though. Why do you want to join Vanguard? (proper reply required) - I'm not sure, i'm tired of playing alone, hope to vibe and meet cool peeps. What will you bring to Vanguard? (proper reply required) - Only the best attitude possible, i'm a very positive person, and i have snacks and weed. Do you have a microphone & do you plan to use it? - Yes, whats gaming without it? Do you share your account with anyone, if so who? - fuck no, tf? Summary about yourself & your goals: (proper reply required) - I'm a 24 y/o transgirl living in california USA, in vet school. I delivery medical grade marijuana and love the job. Also am a proud owner of 12 fur babies. I sware im not a crazy cat lady. Come clean: Is there something in your past that might deter us from accepting you? Honesty will get you further than a cover up. - not really, Read all the topics in the forum section called "Information". Enter code word here: [Coffee] Insert screenshots of the following: Yourself in our clan uniform:https://gyazo.com/4589fabcdf24f9b6da81a54f3620c2ea Combat level and stats: https://gyazo.com/cb514fb8dc8945b347b189122dfbdfa1 Yourself in our discord server: https://gyazo.com/a8b474f833a128514ced221974de406e Do you understand that after posting this application you will be required to put in effort and activity into the clan, otherwise this application won't go anywhere? - Why join a clan if you don't want to play with clannies lols I understand If your application is to be accepted you will move on to the 2nd step which is the trial process. During this process you need to stay active on discord and forums as much as your time will allow. You need to keep an eye on your discord and forums notifications. Do you acknowledge this? - Yup Vanguard is a three faction clan, PvP, PvM and PvE. We aim to thrive in every single faction. If accepted, you will will be required to meet a certain level of performance in PvP and PvM and PvE by the end of your trial process. Do you acknowledge this? -Lets do it!