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  1. Yes mate it is!
  2. Not to be confused with Onedawoman, which is Tiff.
  3. Hello, Not returning to the game yet, still dunno if I will. Work almost always on night shifts which isn't great when no Aussie clans around anymore. Haven't clanned since mid 2017. Played since 2002, clanned since 04, in OSRS was in DI and Vitality mostly, briefly RoT intro and then I quit and returned to join Downfall until they closed. Helped with a Downfall re-birth but didn't really go as planned, quit after that sporadically logging in for teams. Thought I'd post an intro and say hi here, not really sure who I know here about from Bow and Vene. Think most of my boys went to TR after Dfall died so ye. Discord: NeVeR#2945