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  1. Good luck!
  2. Congrats!
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  4. I had a shift job before and I know the pain. Luckily I've managed to get away from it and found a better one. Best of luck on job hunting!
  5. Current RSN? - Patr1ck X. To the best of your memory, list all previous RSNs: - I've used some forms of my name which is Patrick (my original RSN was Patr1ck), RURURURRURU (Exodus mass name change). Country and Timezone? - Poland, CET. Previous clan & teams? Please be as specific as possible, list your obtained ranking, etc. - 1. The British Elites (Member) - I left because they quit OSRS so it just wasn't a place for me anymore. 2. Wilderness Guardians (Member) - WG focused mainly on RS3 so I had no other option than to just move along. 3. Red Blade Hunters (Member) - RBH is a team with pretty cool community, but unfortunately after some time they focused more on PvM than PvP which I preffered so I had nothing to do in RBH as a player mainly interested in PvP. 4. 'The' Clan (Member) - I have some fun memories from this clan, it was quite active in the F2P scene. Unfortunately it closed. 5. Exodus (Member) - I've joined them some time after the closure of 'The', it was a pretty fun time in there. They merged with Ronin. 6. Ronin (Member) - I decided that I'll give it a try and joined Ronin after Exodus merged with them. We had a good rivalry with other mid-sized clans and did pretty well. Unfortunately the F2P scene became more and more dead so Ronin did. 7. Divine Forces - I wasn't a member of Divine Forces but I think that it's worth to mention that I was a Clan Intro in there. Pretty cool people but I didn't had time to play a lot at this time. How did you find us? / Who recruited you? - I first found out about Vanguard from Zybez, it must have been shortly after you opened. Lately I had some discussions about Vanguard and started to hang out around the community to get it to know better. List 2 people who are willing to refer you to join the clan. Also, list any others you may know in Vanguard. - People who can refer me to join are Venenatis and Wee Man. Many people may recognize me from their previous wars and clans but I can't really list them on here. Stevie remembered me from 'The' for sure. How much PvP experience do you have in P2P? How much PvP experience do you have in F2P? - Not much in P2P but I'm pretty solid in F2P. Why do you want to join Vanguard? (proper reply required) - I'd like to become a part of a friendly and active community which is keen to do a lot of PvP activities. From what I've noticed Vanguard is the right place for me and if you let me become part of this you can surely expect me to be an active and contributing member. What will you bring to Vanguard? (proper reply required) - I'd like to put my effort to help you expand even more and climb up over the PvP ladder. I was always a loyal member in my past clans and that's what I'm going to bring along with me to Vanguard. Do you have a microphone & do you plan to use it? - Yes. Do you share your account with anyone, if so who? - No, I never did. Summary about yourself & your goals: (proper reply required) - My name's Patrick, I actually study part time and work full time but still manage to find some time to play OSRS. I've started playing RS back in 2005 and played it on and off till 2009 when I completely quit the game. I came back in 2013 after the release of OSRS and played it on and off from that time. Right now I'm trying to max out Ranged, Magic (I don't have 94 Magic lvl at this moment but going to get it ASAP) and Prayer so I can do better in PvP. I'm going to get more into PvM as well because I never did a lot of it. Come clean: Is there something in your past that might deter us from accepting you? Honesty will get you further than a cover up. - No. Read all the topics in the forum section called "Information". Enter code word here: Coffee. Insert screenshots of the following: Yourself in our clan uniform: Combat level and stats: Yourself in our discord server: Do you understand that after posting this application you will be required to put in effort and activity into the clan, otherwise this application won't go anywhere? - I am fully aware of it. If your application is to be accepted you will move on to the 2nd step which is the trial process. During this process you need to stay active on discord and forums as much as your time will allow. You need to keep an eye on your discord and forums notifications. Do you acknowledge this? - Yes. Vanguard is a three faction clan, PvP, PvM and PvE. We aim to thrive in every single faction. If accepted, you will will be required to meet a certain level of performance in PvP and PvM and PvE by the end of your trial process. Do you acknowledge this? - Yes.
  6. Hi Matt, I was in 'The' as well.
  7. Welcome!
  8. Well done!
  9. I might give it a shot.
  10. Welcome!
  11. Good job!
  12. Hey

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys! I live in Poland at the moment. Hi Stevie! Being in 'The' was hella fun. And yeah, I'll probably post an intro soon.
  13. sik