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  1. At least I made top 10
  2. If only RNG was this kind to me.
  3. technically not botting LOL
  4. whats with the odd emoticon? lol heres the guide video if anyone is wondering
  5. I am determined to get 99 thieving (started at 76) before the ardy knight nerf haha. Don't judge me :'( I am currently halfway to 96 so far. I just afk my thieving with the hands free method (use diff cpu, plug in 2 mouse, take one mouse and cover sensor then put on ground to click with toes) as I pk on my pure lol. Promise once I hit 99 yall will see me around in-game more
  6. awesome! I want to come along sometime!
  7. Welcome and im jealous of your slayer lvl
  8. 87 to boost to 95 for the spirit tree/fairy of course
  9. I will keep an eye out for you in game for sure! Thank you.
  10. Thank you! Yea sitting at around 15m bank now (up from 12m last week) I still need to get 99 pray(83 Prayer atm) , 87 construction(83 construction atm) and buy rigour. Once I did these things I could really invest in my gear/return sets you know? So Clan Friend will be the place for me until then
  11. RSN? -An Empty Bag Tell us about yourself (proper reply required) - My name is Travis. I am 24 years old army vet. I love to scape. I have a pure "Empty Bag Jr" that I also play on. I plan to eventually become a full member of vanguard once I have enough money to meet return set requirements. I also stream. How did you hear about Vanguard? -Google Screen-shot of you in our discord: -https://imgur.com/a/HIrgDaA Who are your 2 refferals? -Slice and Tova How do you aim to take part in Vanguard's community? -I plan to participate in PVM and PvE content. I would love to participate in PVP content in the future if allowed. I need to build up return sets prior to becoming a full member.
  12. I'm truly jealous. Nice work!
  13. I never knew about this! I need to add this to my list of items to acquire
  14. Khan over here gravedigging