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  1. grats! i was thinking about duo-ing bandos with someone. how many kills per trip approx?
  2. made it to the event, made a mil. Easy gains
  3. Gz
  4. Happy anniversary!
  5. Since this new trend is going on, might as well ask everyone. skip to 1:10 seconds
  6. The blue one is amazing
  7. Hey man! Finally put that app up
  8. Thanks for hosting! Sorry I left early it was so late here
  9. @Venenatislate reply, but watch Attack on Titan. Really good
  10. Hey man! I was a follower back in the days! We went PvMing once before too. Small world
  11. Had a great time. My first PK event and landed myself another PVM drop 😂.
  12. jesus and i thought the bosses were a pain at 125 combat
  13. Lets gooo!
  14. Update: I’m out to get some food right now. I have died 13 TIMES ON GALVEK. My Bossing skills have gone to 0