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  1. Welcome and good luck!
  2. Hey, nice stats! good luck with maxing
  3. As self proclaimed of nmz the defence should be done easy enough! Good luck Newt!
  4. Never tought i would say this, but i wanna runecraft
  5. Had a good laugh
  6. Welcome to the forums, nice to see another GMTer! Good luck
  7. I've seen you around, good luck
  8. Nice to see another PvMer, gl!
  9. Hey, nice name and good luck sir
  10. Much appreciated! I probably will do that at some point, thank you
  11. Forgot this existed, still no rangers tho..
  12. Hello and thank you to everyone, very nice to see so many names i recognize! When it comes to the pvp tab, alot of items are spread across my bank atm. Will get on that cmb grind tho! Thank you
  13. I remember i were a beta tester for ESO. Thought it would be like Skyrim but an MMO, which it wasn't unfortunately. Used to play Skyrim multiplayer tho and loved it!
  14. Thanks, I'll try to join in on that fun!