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  1. Yea the broccoli guy is sick!
  2. E3

  3. Didn't even plan on getting as much xp as i did, but hey, gainz!
  4. hf and gz on 99 cooking! 50 post count btw
  5. Think i might need a shrink
  6. Well @Zwef was just giving me tips on how to pick up girls..
  7. Gf to both LC and CT
  8. Nice, thanks for post count btw
  9. I feel you on that eoc shit, either way, welcome!
  10. Kills left and right
  11. Hi

    Hello John, welcome!
  12. Thanks @everyone Will do guys!
  13. I like the tab setup, do you have boss monsters unlocked? Have fun!
  14. Share i telegrabbed