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  1. I made your list twice and it was a fucking Harpoon and an Arcane.
  2. Shit I got got.
  3. You're still a gaylord though.
  4. VNG wins again ez4green.
  5. hey

  6. Welcome to Vanguard. I hope to see your application!
  7. I've seen a few of these threads pop up recently and I think that making my own will help me to create a bigger drive in completing them. Attack : 98/99 Defence: 96/99 Magic: 99/99 Range: 99/99 Total : 1812/1850 Quest Points: 233/266 Hard Diary Completion: Wilderness Easy and Medium Completed - 11/10/18 99 Magic - 11/13/2018 99 Range - 11/13/2018 TBow Split Bank Value - 12/8/2018 Total level increase - 12/16/2018 Bank Value: 394M / 300M Thanks for reading, follow the topic for updates on my progress and please leave your own goals down below if you're feeling adventurous! Updated as of 12/16/18.
  8. Going to fully update this tonight after my meeting and keep at it.
  9. Good luck.
  10. Welcome to Vanguard.
  11. Vanguard has still never lost EZ4Green
  12. You've been here for less than 24 hours and you've already gotten me yelled at for inactivity. I'm impressed. Welcome to Vanguard buddy.
  13. Congrats to everyone. I'm really sorry to my team, I have been working like 2.5 hours from home so I had minimal time to even log in this week.
  14. Welcome to Vanguard.
  15. Its Mitch Gate baby. Big Homie.
  16. Good luck friend.
  17. Oof.
  18. Pre-type "I fingered your goldfish" -Mike Musical story has been permanently banned from the TS server "Christy has a body like dropped lasagna" - Mike "Come check out these two skeletons fucking, OH FUCK TACTICAL FALIURE LOG" -Mike "VR got smoked" - Zak 45 after VNG mollywhopping "If I see one more person bolting I swear to God I'm BGSing you fuckers" -Gotenks after VNG beating "No but when I ask him to talk dirty to me, he usually asks me to fantasize him beating CT's ass. Whoever that is?" -Abbey "F in the chat for Ryan post Cody Parkey" -the entire fucking clan "Gerald is not the father" - Ven "*sigh* Why didn't you ask for a brew?" -Brent "What are you doing in me swamp?" - Harry "Get active" -Alexa and bascially everyone in VNG to me. "IM TRIPPING AND GONNA STAKE MY BANK" -Dunkz on LSD.
  19. Good luck.
  20. 466, 601. Best of luck buddy.
  21. Vanguard has never lost.
  22. VNG stays undefeated.