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  1. thought the comp was meant to end tonight not last night RIP me.
  2. First one ever, even if it is the second cheapest item
  3. good job boys and girls
  4. I made some money so pretty happy about the week, was a good time.
  5. Gj boys and girls.
  6. good job boys and girls
  7. made bank tonight boys gj
  8. Not sure what is next, probably mining or thieving since they are both still pretty low leveled. Need like 52 more total level for 2k
  9. good job boys and girls
  10. was fun lads
  11. Good job lads
  12. wont lie, took me awhile to realized that as well when I first saw the name.
  13. would not mind a new skill, but I want something more than just a buy-able with a few twists. doubt Warding will pass anyways. Farming guild seems totally legit, anything to make the skill a bit faster to train. Rest of the stuff in the area of the farming guild looks pretty cool too. Would not mind seeing the elves quest finished as long as the city is not brokenly OP like it is in rs3 but I do not think it would pass if they did that so its fine too, gauntlet and other stuff look pretty fun though.