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  1. Ur gud Mike
  2. The black one is my favorite but the Hydra one with the extra spikes looks pretty cool just not my favorite color.
  3. good job boys and girls
  4. Ty Jagex, would be mad if I got a pet or was an iornman that got a drop just to get fucked over by Jagex.
  5. ty for the lootations.
  6. thought the comp was meant to end tonight not last night RIP me.
  7. First one ever, even if it is the second cheapest item
  8. good job boys and girls
  9. I made some money so pretty happy about the week, was a good time.
  10. Gj boys and girls.
  11. good job boys and girls
  12. made bank tonight boys gj
  13. Not sure what is next, probably mining or thieving since they are both still pretty low leveled. Need like 52 more total level for 2k