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  1. welcome Jon! i think you will enjoy it here because we pvm together a lot, have weekly pve events, and pk very often. We are top tier in all factions.
  2. YOOOOOOOOO bert im glad youve decided to come back officially. youre def a strong asset to pvp faction
  3. yoyo
  4. Welcome! I vouch for jello ive pked with him a few time late night. Stay active on the forums and keep it up on the combat levels 👍
  5. Vouch! Good luck man keep up the activity.
  6. Was one of the best ok trips we have had in a while fun, clean action consistently throughout the night then a nice little evenly matched skirmish at the end. That, if i must say so myself, we won. Good calls and good organization!
  7. Gl ixy. Id have to agree with everyone on the app part but just make up for it in the next week or so by showing up and showing out.
  8. I have 2, the first is The video that made me really want to excel at pking and kinda started it all for me. The 2nd would be probably one of my favorite of all time.
  9. im pretty sure that stone sour's singer is far better
  10. so you the illumati mike? lmao
  11. picnic tables lmfaoooo
  12. nice man. gz
  13. Fun and successful trip as usual. Despite dying the most which was only like 3x i still made about 2.5m. Good/clean team fights as well.
  14. for my kitty lol