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  1. WTTFFF lmaooooo that first pic. NICE guys
  2. Damn man that absolutely nuts. Congrats brother
  3. My first time really playing in the past 6 days or so. Me, Harry, and Bert decided to go get a couple kills and ended up making a killing in about 30 mins. Didnt get a screen shot of all the loots and unfortunately one of us went down with a 2.5m looting bag . But here are some pics of me and the guys doing what we do best, having fun and owning kids.
  4. GJ jelloooo
  5. It has incredible pvp. Cmon @Stevie you know thats the obly reason I game is to wreck kids
  6. starting a eso VNG unit hit up me or ven for deets
  7. cleared ct in an even numbered fight as well was fun guys
  8. I never played any of the bethesda games or whatever then I picked up ESO so i didnt have any expectations and fell in love with it. One of the best games ive ever played imo
  9. i actually used to love this game. It's pretty smooth combat and hard to fuck up a character as long as you specialize in a couple things. It's heavily team based pvp and can also be 1v1 based if youre ganking. I love the pvp in this game. You can pvp at lvl 9 and it scales all the players to around the same base stats which is lovely. Obviously you still want to work on obtaining the best gear possible. If yall are serious add me my account name is "Weaponz" my char name is WeaponzL its been a very long time since i played this game but im going to enjoy relearning it and hopping into pvp pretty much asap
  10. Anyone play Elder Scrolls Online? i used to play it when it first came out on XB1 but got rid of my console a long time ago but i just redownloaded it again looking to play a bit here and there. Let me know if anyone plays ESO on PC and wants to play with ya boy and help me get the hang of things again
  11. Fun trip! Thanks for hosting Bass. Looking foward to another mass
  12. So much fun guys! thanks for the action
  13. Right click the pile like mine
  14. The rest of the dragons and myself ventured on a journey so great, only the power of the Black Salamander would suffice. We got a few KO's with the black salamanders that were meme worthy, someone got koed by bear , and pked 3 full verac's sets. Overall it was a fun and successful little trip GG Y'all.
  15. 1 bang city. Great job guys that was domination