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  1. Ah the good ole arena
  2. Ohh bet that cost a lot.
  3. 420 Blaze it, mumble rap sucks btw. (I @DevowR am also gay)
  4. Nice man!
  5. Good luck man, You got this.
  6. Pet rocks count
  7. nice
  8. Uh, I'm not even gonna ask.
  9. Welcome to the club
  10. Shit the RC grinddddd
  11. Sell all the gp, i'm already rich in game.
  12. Didn't care enough to get on to train agility, sorry. Only signed up incase I wanted too. Also not sure why my shit says literally nothing
  13. 269

    Very big owner
  14. Just curious to know who all has PC's capable of playing other games besides RS, I see people talking about other games but they are usually on some 30-60fps console with eye aids.