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  1. Welcome back man, congrats on the baby Hope you like it around VNG community/forum!
  2. I don't know you but I apperciate that you are being honest about it I wish you GL training your account when you get back! You can always chill in VNG cc if people are fine with it
  3. Welcome to the forum Hope you like it around!
  4. Welcome on the forum See you around the CC everyday! Hope to see you joining eventually
  5. Money made as usual Loot for everyone! Great job VNG
  6. Join our CC like Mike said Welcome to the forum! Hope you like it around
  7. Ty Bandos for loops Thanks Oneal for hosting Bank was made
  8. Welcome Robey Hope you like it around!
  9. Almost there Dunkz Keep up the good work! Best of luck!
  10. Welcome around the forum Noble Hope you like it around VNG!
  11. Very nice man Congrats on everything!
  12. Nice #Bangbros
  13. Welcome to the forum Guap Hope you like it around!
  14. Bank was made for everyone Ty for split Tye Great job VNG!
  15. Hopefully better luck next time But still better than 0