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  1. Welcome to the forum man If you have any questions, you can PM me (Already have a conversation open ) Hope you like it around!
  2. Accepted as future member. Your mentor will be @Steve. Get in contact with him on discord when you have time (Steve#6054)
  3. It's way too sweaty for me I'll grind it eventually lol probly gonna focus on TOB one day when I get elite.
  4. Grats Boosted Been super lucky lately lol
  5. I will also reff you you can put me down as member, does not matter Been great in CC since being around, good luck on future application
  6. Welcome to the forum Bill! Hope you like it around If you have any questions, feel free to PM me on discord (Pur3 str0ng2#0870)
  7. Grats Dunkz
  8. Introduce yourself \\\ Apply to Vanguard /// Join our discord With not having too much to do, we went out almost everyday looking for action and looking for loot, as always we found loot but not much action. Nice little week of fun in the wilderness, Congrats @N_mb on the 2 AGS smites
  9. Dgayness is that you??? Welcome to the forum!
  10. hey

    Welcome back to the forum Nick! If you have any questions, feel free to PM me on discord (Pur3 str0ng2#0870)
  11. Grats David keep it up
  12. Grats David Keep it up!
  13. Welcome to the Emeral City If you have any questions, feel free to PM me on discord (Pur3 str0ng2#0870)
  14. Good luck Annie Reffed!
  15. Posting your application: Make sure you've read all the topics in the forum section called 'Information'. The application template is in the spoiler below. Remember your application is the first impression of you. Sloppy, low-effort applications will be dealt with accordingly. It is important you show the Vanguard Community that you really want to be here. Trial Application Template