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  1. You know me! Hi aim :] Welcome to our forum
  2. Grats man Keep up the nice grind!
  3. Nice congrats man, keep it up
  4. Grats Josh Welll deserved!
  5. Welcome to the forum Scampr Name familiar from back in the days. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me on Rs (VnG Pur3) / Forum / Discord (Pur3 str0ng2#0870)
  6. Haha haxy Grats Brian!! Keep it up 🙂 getting some nice levels lately 😁
  7. Thank you for saying your CC. Keep chilling in our CC get to know people if you are interested
  8. Helll yeah gang! Nice work Ty for fight Arroz
  9. Welcome to our forum Sorcerery Nice intoduction! If you have any questions, feel free to pm me on RS (VnG Pur3) / Forum / Discord (Pur3 str0ng2#0870)
  10. Bank as usual Well done gang!
  11. Welcome to the forum Byte If you have any questions, feel free to pm me on RS (VnG Pur3) / Forum / Discord (Pur3 str0ng2#0870)
  12. Grats mate Keep up the good work!
  13. Welcome Ben, not too bad intro Good to see you in our CC and website If you have any questions, feel free to PM me on RS(VnG Pur3), Forum, discord (Pur3 str0ng2#0870)
  14. Thats amazing Nice money man, grats
  15. Very nice Brian Congrats man What's next??
  16. Without counting the kills pics, I calced about 55M in revenant loot. In like 2 hours 15 minutes. That's bank
  17. Easy loot for the guard Keep it up gang! Doing amazing work.
  18. Very niice man Im gonna need to use that slayer master for next tasks Possibly make some nice money
  19. Today was our 4th community event that Vanguard host open to everyone, we went and killed Corporeal Beast FFA loot for 2 hours and a half. Thank you @The Reverence for hosting, it's always fun. Stay tuned for more events, we always post on Reddit, our forum & we advertise it in CC often. A lot of money was made as usual, Runite bolts, Onyx bolt(e), Spirit shields, Cannonballs, Ranarr seeds, mystic parts and especially those 4 items: Thank you Corp Congrats @`221 on a very nice FFA Arcane sigil: @The Reverence on Holy elixir: Myself on Holy Elixir & Spectral sigil. Thank you for attending everyone Sorry if there any mistakes on my topic!
  20. Grats on 99 Dunkz Almost at 2k aswell, that's very nice! Keep it up
  21. Title says it all What is your favorite boss in the game? Im gonna go with DKS because I don't know much bosses yet... Whats yours?
  22. That is aloooooot of money Grats on your scav hunt piece! Keep it up Josh
  23. Congrats man Hopefully you get some nice loot
  24. I have no tattoos yet, I want one of the joker on my arm but with the job I do, I feel like it will not stay nice very long ... I dont see my joker tattoo anywhere else So I have been hesitant about it You have any?
  25. Grats Azewl 🙂 keep up the good work