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  1. RIP RNG, what's up man
  2. Yea and do salamanders for Hunter. You and I have the same stats to get up for those quests!
  3. Haha I was at chaos alter with my irl buddy and there were a few clans active on the single side. Tanked them all out though
  4. It’s going to be blamed on the engineering team most likely. Shame, can’t imagine dropping 20,000ft in less than a minute...
  5. Yea I checked and mine is saying expected on Wednesday.
  6. Nice job!
  7. I pre-ordered and am excited to check it out. Farm runs at work for days!
  8. Just bumped out another 3m.. just 2 levels left
  9. That’s actually hilarious. I picture some dumbass spamming a clan name as they get fucking dropped lol. Usually when im out solo pking they wait until they kill me before the spam.
  10. I’ve only seen the tail end of your grind, but it was an inspiring one. I can’t imagine pumping out 3-4m hunter exp in just a few days. Congrats!
  11. More people to the forums is always lit. Nice to meet you!
  12. Nice job guys, how do you usually determine what clans you run into? Just from knowing members?
  13. Congrats man!!
  14. Nice guys, some good loot. VNG repping hard.
  15. I’m sure the motivation is as high as ever, but damn you’re a beast.