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  2. I have dt done
  3. Put in a screenshot of me in discord, was the best image i could get. I'm Hydro5tar
  4. Community Form Copy and paste the following application form into a new thread on this board. Complete the information to submit your Community Member application or just say hello. Make sure you have read the 'Community Member Information & Requirements' topic in this section, if you plan on applying for Community Member. RSN? -Herb Buff Tell us about yourself -I'm Jordan, I've been playing Runescape since forever ago. I'm 26 and a Ganja smoker. How did you hear about Vanguard? -I've been in the CC for a little over a year now, can't remember who invited me. How do you aim to take part in Vanguard's community? -Pvm, Skilling, Questing. Interacting with the CC. Do you plan on joining Vanguard? -Yes Clan history? -Non Screen-shot of you in our discord: (Only required for Community Member) -https://ibb.co/gbuehf Who are your 2 member referrals? (Only required for Community Member) - Oneal, LuchoGnz Who are your 2 staff referrals? (Only required for Community Member) - RWalton,