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  1. RSN? R O B E Y Tell us about yourself I used to play Runescape Pre-EOC since about 2004. Had a near maxed account. I came to OSRS when it was released in 2013 and played until I got a quest cape. I quit soon after to finish my Degree and recently came back about 3 months ago (mainly because of mobile release). I returned with a cleaned bank, so I'm currently only slightly geared for Raids1 (Elite void + ~130m-150m). I prefer PvM(Bosses/Raids) but I enjoy PKing occasionally. I haven't gotten into PKing much since I've been back. How did you hear about Vanguard? I have two iRL friends who are and/or have been a part of Vanguard. How do you aim to take part in Vanguard's community? I would like to take part in community events, mainly PvM. Do you plan on joining Vanguard? Yes, depending on how the community environment is. Clan history? None. -(I rarely host my house for 07 Yanille CC) Screen-shot of you in our discord: (Only required for Community Member) Does TeamSpeak work? - Levi Who are your 2 member referrals? (Only required for Community Member) Mitch Gate Dunkz VnG Oneal Who are your 2 staff referrals? (Only required for Community Member) -