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  1. looks like a great week
  2. congrats!!!!
  3. pretty cool, wish it kept track of loots before though
  4. Hey thanks, my name in AA was MurderAtEdge
  5. all the feels
  6. Thanks for the welcomes everyone
  7. lucky loots!
  8. Looks like lots of fun, can't wait to join.
  9. RuneScape Name Jelmo Combat Level 102 Previous Clan History Australian Army for 5 years. Clan retired with the release of EOC. How did you find out about Vanguard? From a real life friend Who, if anyone, do you know in Vanguard? Martyrs Do you intend on joining the clan, or just saying hello? I intend on joining the clan once I've got some more levels to my name! Tell us more about yourself. I have a small passion for cars, absolutely love my dogs and really enjoy gaming in my spare time which I tend to have a lot of. What are your Interests in-game? I really enjoy the variety of content in the wilderness with friends, whether it's pking or PvM. Anything you'd wish to add? Feel free to add Jelmo ingame and say hello Hoping to get my stats up asap!