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  1. hey

    Welcome to Vanguard
  2. Congrats David
  3. Gz T2K8
  4. Welcome! Stick around CC and discord and you should have no problem getting the referrals you need to apply.
  5. Tier 1 PvM Gear: Elite Void Blowpipe w/ Adamant Darts+ Tentacle Whip Zamorakian Hasta Fighter Torso Dragon Defender Ava's Accumulator Fire Cape Blessed Dragonhide Bandos Godsword Trident of the Swamp Dragon Boots Brimstone Ring Blessed D'hide Boots Ahrim's Robetop Ahrim's Robeskirt Amulet of Fury Tier 2 PvM Gear: Bandos Chestplate Bandos Tassets Dragon Warhammer Imbued God Cape Ava's Assembler Armadyl Crossbow Primordial Boots Berserker Ring (i) Archer's Ring (i) Seer's Ring (i) Ring of Suffering Tier 3 PvM Gear: Armadyl Chestplate Armadyl Chainskirt Pegasian Boots Ancestral Robe Top Ancestral Robe Bottoms Sanguinesti Staff Dragonhunter Lance Amulet of Torture Necklace of Anguish Tormented Bracelet Ferocious Gloves Avernic Defender
  6. Updated.
  7. Very happy to see this and yes... @Mike is the king asshole
  8. Please copy and paste the following template into a new post if you wish to join on the Ironman Path
  9. Welcome to the Emerald City
  10. You're already an upgrade over our current @Ryan. Welcome
  11. Reffed. Best of luck
  12. Jagex fix your login servers, thanks.