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Everything posted by boostedchimp

  1. WOW
  2. Fun night. Mysterious DCB THO
  3. Ah yes I was gonna flame u if u didn’t include my combat bracelet and glory kill
  4. Apparently shiva onus can be quite mean. Still gonna go shiva inu tho cuz coot
  5. C
  6. Forgot to post my studded body and iron platelets drop =p
  7. A
  8. Impreeeive
  9. I have an extra chance because ur gonna draft Brady first
  10. Get ready to saquon these nuts
  11. Gl kid
  12. @Lily what happened noob
  13. Gz guys wish I was there also nice spear mike
  14. Good post
  15. Nerd
  16. I was gonna say u got the date wrong but I caught myself
  17. what the fk, the one time i don't go pking...
  18. Congratz to DUnkz for guessing closest to my KC. I got at 289 KC. Dunkz guessed 283. Brian was a close 2nd at 302. Better luck next time!
  19. Hello everyone, My name is boostedchimp, and I have a staking problem. I've lost a lot of money staking throughout my rs career probably roughly 300m. I'm making this post now after realizing my problem with staking. We decided to stake a kodai we got duo. We lost and decided to keep going to recuperate our losses. long story short we kept losing and i ended up down 80m. I'll keep everyone updated on how long i can stay clean from the arena. I will go my 1 week clean chip first. will keep everyone updated. Thank you everyone.
  20. Thumbing through so much money that I need 3 hands to count
  21. So many pics
  22. what the hell my name is splled wrong
  23. It’s lit
  24. Gzz
  25. love the death montage