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  1. Great kills. Gf.
  2. It was our money, and we wanted it now.
  3. This evening we hit the caves for some good old fashion raids. We hit 3 raids and saw 2 purples!! BIG POINTS IRON MAN SCORES BIS MAGE GEAR LOTS OF GLORIOUS FALLS 12-14 Green Soldiers. Thank you all for coming. See below for action, deaths, and loots!! Gratz Harry, well deserved. ===================================================================================== Gratz on the plush toilet paper Cody =) ===================================================================================== And here lies our fallen heros The man, the myth, the.... Raids has been brought to you in part by: Aldo_Apache8
  4. 30m ish exp.
  5. Gratz on the haul.
  6. Glad everyone was willing to stick to the plan. But we really need to cut out all the wcing jokes.
  7. Yeet
  8. Gz m8
  9. Congratz
  10. I thought @Pur3 Str0ng2 was the dog walker.....
  11. Savage.
  12. "What yall need to do is...." -mitch-
  13. "The Earth is flat" - Creep
  14. 🤗