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  1. easily c
  2. grats man
  3. Congrats again man! One of the top pets to have in my opinon.
  4. LOOOL
  5. i second this
  6. Good luck homie
  7. I have a custom PC, built a couple years ago but it still runs anything. i7 6700K, GTX 1060, 16GB RAM. Havent really played much of anything since I came back to OSRS though
  8. Was fun !
  9. good job gents
  10. grats man
  11. Olm is by far the biggest learning curve lmao, pretty sure no one gets him down first try. If you can raid with people that know how to skip his specials it will help you focus more on the basics of olm first.
  12. Of course, like I said elite void is a good start because of more brews, aim to complete raids consistently without dying then switch to a reg setup. Always remember dps is the key thing to upgrade. max gear at base 90 isn't as good as base gear at 99. There's a dps Calc online somewhere. Try to prioritize range > melee > mage when upgrading.
  13. They are upgrades, but I would prioritize rigour > DHL > dwh first. For the money and the little upgrade they do I would choose that instead. DCB is fine, acb just offers longer range for the most part. Basically just have it until you have enough for dhcb. DHL is bis for olm, also good at Vasa and Tek with his Def nerf. Dboots and blessed dhide boots offer good dps for the money you save and invest into something else.
  14. You can start cox with around a 30m gear setup realistically. Dragon sword works fine for Vasa, and a lot cheaper than hasta. Elite void is good for learning. Less switches = more brews. Pretty sure mage elite void is same and ahrims without tormented anyways. Pegs acb and prims are overrated for the and the money could be used on much better upgrades for a lot less. I'm pretty knowledgeable on cox if you have any questions feel free to ask