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  1. 86 RC complete! I have finished the Karamja Diary and got my green quest cape!~
  2. Mining and the wilderness diary complete! All that is left is 86 RC and I am done! I guess mining wasn't the worst thing in the world..
  3. 91 fishing and Morytania Elite accomplished last night! On to mining (Oh god I hate mining).
  4. Needed more muta trees.
  5. 90 Fletching and the Desert Diary complete! Died putting the permanent ropes in place at the Kalphite Queen lair to my client freezing, rip Olmlet. (Reclaimed for 1mil ouch) lol
  6. Thanks! Kalphite Queen completed, might continue and just get the tattered head.
  7. A few of the bonus's I have gotten along the way are: Chompy pet took 452 kc after completing the diary Kraken pet at 442 KC @ level 87 slayer Jad pet 21 kc @ 94 slayer Agility pet @ level 82 Relleka course Thieving pet @ level 86 thieving Pyramid Plunder room 5 gold chest Olmlet pet @ 45 Kc just to brag (Arcane prayer scroll) A dragon axe at level 83 Wintertodt rip
  8. Questing has always been my favorite activity in Runescape, having gotten several quests capes across both games (and a Master quest cape on RS3). Ever since getting one on OSRS, it has been a goal of mine to get Achievement Diary cape to complete the set and trim my Quest cape. Starting Stats: February 24th, 2019 Ardougne 42/42 Desert 39/39 2/27/19 Falador 42/42 Fremennik 34/34 Kandarin 43/43 Karamja 43/44 4/2/19 Kourend 43/43 Lumbridge 41/41 Morytania 38/38 3/21/19 Varrock 42/42 Western 44/44 Wilderness 39/40 3/25/19 I currently still need: 86 Runecrafting (boosted to 91) 4/2/19 80 Mining (boosted to 85) 3/25/19 90 Fletching (boosted to 95) 2/27/19 91 Fishing (boosted to 96) 3/21/19 And the Kalphite Queen head 2/24/19 Finished States 4/2/19:
  9. Chop chop! Time for more tree shortcuts.
  10. Max gear and the rest to maxing.
  11. Really don't know since I have the attention span of a goldfish, probably Chambers of Xeric since it changes.
  12. I have one (although I don't play many other PC games besides osrs and osu)
  13. Steak 100%.