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  1. loot was made
  2. nice
  3. If I would've kept my mouth shut for another hour you would've lost ehp too lmfao
  4. |||| Community intro |||| Discord |||| Apply to Vanguard |||| With nothing planned for tonight, we decided to go on a small man adventure deep in the Wilderness. After finding several small teams of Pures, Zerks, and Mains, we cleared them several times and made lots of loot.
  5. Also @nick when you coming back to rs...
  6. Too Ez for VnG. Better luck next time Paragon.
  7. Those Quebec freaks
  8. good job
  9. gratz
  10. nice gl
  11. Personally know a lot of people who's addicted
  12. sik

  13. Personally collect the same 2 stuff; pure ess and vials.
  14. j
  15. nice