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  1. I'm with it, you got my vote. I'm a big pet guy
  2. I'm not sure I follow.. You're saying a discord for people to bring their irl pets on live or a place to share pictures of your pets?
  3. This is cool to see your progress, thanks for keeping us up to date. Goodluck man
  4. Ayyye, congratulations. That's an awesome cape to have.
  5. Nice intro man. We've already met in-game but welcome to the forums.
  6. Huge lootz, grats!
  7. I'm jealous, congrats!
  8. Looked like a blast. I look forward to joining in sometime in the future.
  9. Welcome to Vanguard man!
  10. Welcome to Vanguard
  11. Hey there, welcome to Vanguard!
  12. Hey man, welcome to Vanguard.
  13. Hey Starsky!