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  1. Gz!
  2. Lasagna foshooo
  3. think justiciar is fine... if they were to make changes to tank armour they should do it to justiciar
  4. Welcome Arney!
  5. Thanks Ilix :-D
  6. Dang Soul, thats insane! GL on maxing :-D
  7. Gratz Cody
  8. Gl Cody :-D
  9. Thanks Blinger, ill have a look at it :-D Tyvm DevowR! i'm almost there :-P bruh i gut it 06/03-2019 Gains: Currently on 6th place of daily magic exp gained on Crystalmathlabs - been avg around 16th-6th place on the daily magic gains on Crystalmathlabs Magic +3,802,243 (Showing last 7d) Magic +1,418,115 (Showing last 1d) 2 moooore levels, total of 1,3m exp wich i have banked!! I'm getting so exhausted from this grind..... and my bank took a hit, i'm gonna have to camp the money snake for a few weeks :-P 07/03-2019 Gains: Took a chill day today, only gaining 1 level, but i have 212k untill 94. - Tomorrow ill be hitting 94 magic, and ill be busy pvp'ing (Veng+barrage) 08/03-2019 Gains: Goal acheived!
  10. holy sh**!! Gratz bro
  11. Welcome! :-))
  12. Thanks Cody! Haha thank you so much Trevor, but i don't really do loans.. i hate to "buy" what i cannot afford :-P (Its part of the challenge!) - I really appriciate you wantint to help me... but hopefully i can make it on my own till friday, how my bank looks after friday is another issue :-P I love to challenge myself, and this is the pace i set to keep it interesting :-P aaand i hate failure, so hopefully i'll make it! Thanks haha! The poor have to work harder! :-P Thank you Ryan! Well... i'm just waiting for GOT anyway :-P Thank you Arney! 05/03-2019 Gains: Magic +2,524,689 (Showind last 7d) Magic +1,297,335 (Showing last 1d) Will be updated tomorrow.... getting exhausted!
  13. Good idea! :-D 04/03-2019 Gains: >Magic +1,316,099 (Showing last 7d) >Magic +1,086,972 (Showind last 1d)
  14. Thanks man! I believe :-D