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  1. ahh youll have to grind that shit man:D worth it in the end
  2. nice to see the comments! feel free whenever ready to message me and harry, i'm still learning a little bit, but getting the hang of it! would love to raid with you all <3 also free to cox when anyone else is willing to cox <3
  3. 782
  4. 465
  5. Kindly, Harry taught me how to ToB with a friend of ours outside of the clan. Our friend is an ironman so i learnt ToB as a trio, however we were only getting duo splits! 1st ever Kc i got, Harry got us both a rapier duo split (91m) and then went onto getting me and himself a avernic hilt and justiciar legs, which all together was 40m split, thats 130m in 21Kc, I highly reccomend you guys coming to learn Tob with me and Harry as it is one of the best money makers in the game at the moment, please PM me or harry if you want to ToB with us. We want learners so its beneficial for the clan to have constant ToBers. It has took me 20 hours overall of game playing time to get 21kc and learn the raid. 130m/20 hours = just over 6m/hr! defo worth the learn
  7. :D:D:D:D:D:D
  8. went to a party. Fingered a girl. Left the party tasting my fingers. Girlfriend ever since. ps: still haven't washed my fingers and it was 5 years ago
  9. ahh nice man!
  10. i havent got one, is that all from raids?
  11. what cody said lol.
  12. Runescape streams
  13. beasting it bro, keep up the good work
  14. Sad that I wasn’t there:( congrats tho guys! VNG win again!
  15. Jery PK's b0aty - , I then look back at my screen and see this -