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  1. Yas good luck Annie
  2. Happy Birthday Nancy~~~~
  3. 1) Current RSN/Preferred Name? Oberrynn 2) What's your Timezone? EST 3) List your Previous Clans and Rank Attained. This one - Community 4) Who are your 1 Staff and 2 Member+ Referrals? Mike, Cody, Alexa, Pure, Harry 5) Do you share your account with anyone? no 6) What goals do you have for your account? Max cb, PvM ,and group Pk 7) Please Post a picture of the required Gear. 8) Is there anything you'd like to share about yourself? I'm Asian
  4. Welcome Elyit!
  5. Congrats brothers
  6. vng vng vng
  7. What a god
  8. Welcome!
  9. J
  10. R
  11. S
  12. Pretty tragic, but at least they can repair the roof
  13. I'll try not to do that again thanks
  14. Hey @South Dakota whos in the GIF?