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  1. Wait a minute, Ive already done one lol but G, obvi
  2. @O G Piggy you’ve been flamed 🤣 come on man, we’re all waitin
  3. Not a dog person but always kinda wanted a corgi ❤️ And dw I’ll make sure piggy is sufficiently nagged 😋
  4. @Steve you broke it already
  5. Cant really say I helped much on this one. Tried 3ticking it, turns out I was so bad, I was causing him to get 10k exp less per hour then when he was just regular fishing. Big oof lol so GZ babe!
  6. BEST VACATION SPOT OPTION C Soneva Resort, Maldives OPTION D Lost Lake Resort in Hood River, Oregon I tag @Steve for option E and F. It must be posted on the 14th of August. The topic of choice must be pet related. Let's keep this new chain going.
  7. I get it now X D but def B
  8. I’m so confused rn
  9. Omg that made me tired just reading it >.< thanks for the faith tho guys X D
  10. Pur3 fire making master
  11. Very nice!
  12. Nice gains!
  13. July 25th, 2019
  14. it was fun to watch
  15. Congratz bird man!