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Everything posted by Mau

  1. real nice!
  2. I see more deaths as a clan than loot !
  3. It was super fun and bonk was made!
  4. Bank was made!! Awesome and fun night out as always! Wooo
  5. WOW NICE!
  6. Was super fun! Thanks for the fight
  7. Awesomeeee 😎
  8. Was I even there?! 🤔🤔 Nice thoo
  9. Nice! Sucks I missed it, was out at the clubs
  10. Darnnn I missed the good part But grats!
  11. F2p days were the best
  12. thanks for waking me up last night! Congrats those who won!
  13. Woah! niceeee
  14. wow! that seemed fun and made bonk! Grats!
  15. Uuuu nicee!
  16. You should watch Westworld! Its a 2 season serie, it takes place at an amusement park but its no ordinary park!! Once they're in the park they can do what ever they want! Then later on the "robots" turn against the visitors and its a no longer do whatever you want at the park, as it will now be Life or Death. Its an action, fantasy, mystery type of serie. Watch it! You'll love it, promise you!
  17. Crimson Raiders was my first clan <3
  18. 99.

    99 fishing to get us food
  19. Lots of goals! My only goal I had on runescape was get max combat. Now its getting 99 range
  20. 99 Smithing. Now you can make us all free tank sets from scratch! 🙊
  21. Incoming; real soon