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  1. Ayy gz!
  2. Was cutting teaks by them on fossil island recently and had a chat. They seemed to be human then lol
  3. GL! Solid goals.
  4. Had to dip out early, but I always love raiding with yall! Would love another group run
  5. Yessssssss
  6. 39,428,084 GL
  7. 45 minutes oh damn! I see that torags loot too on who I guess is one of their leaders? Good job!
  8. I hate to say I think he would.
  9. Jeesus, gratz!
  10. Gratz dude! always cool to see solid ironman progress
  11. If you kill it, you deserve the loot, gratz
  12. ToB is one of my short term goals (summer)! You're making me want to rush starting it, but I want to get prims and claws without sacrificing what I already have.