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  1. Welcome!
  2. FELLOW VANGUARDIANS!!!!!! We came out today, and wrecked Olm. What I saw today was a large group of dedicated PvMers who are either good at what they do or are trying to improve in any way they can come together and give Olm a taste of the Emerald city!!! So what if we had a few deaths here and there, even experienced raiders die, I still die sometimes too. :3 Anyways, good job today from everyone, I'm am extremely proud!! Grats to @itzadrian for his FFA arcane scroll!! Shoutout to @R3CK for Co-hosting Raids with me, it was a blast, I hope we can do another event together in the future!!!!! Now, let's all focus and SMASH this PvM war coming up!!!!
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  4. Good luck my man!!!!
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