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Blinded fayt

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  1. 89 thieving achieved. Got a nice like 150k exp on my lunch break today.
  2. Is it worth doing sarcophagus too?
  3. I've finished up all the other elite tasks except mount KQ head and last room of pyramid plunder. Currently 88/91 thieving. After I got an early KQ head drop at 37 KC, I decided it was time to finish up desert elite. I'm trying to have this done before I leave the country for 5 weeks on vacation September 21st. Secondary goal: get a scepter from pyramid plunder for occult alter upgrade in POH
  4. Looks like you nailed everything except SOTE, nice work!
  5. Wow those are two long ones, congrats!
  6. nicely done, and a cool way to get it as well.
  7. Sounds like a fun competition. late grats to winners
  8. Nice stuff, is "SR" another clan?
  9. Looks like fun, did y'all mostly use imps for clues?
  10. So many troll messages for sigil drops lol