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  1. hello aaron ... I'm glad to see you in these places again! Well ... You know my English is a bit bad so I'll try to do my best. First of all an excellent decision on your part to face what happened and even more to admit that you failed, but the first thing we do when we feel bad in that way is to want to fix everything, the best thing you could do is to restore what you did, in this case, give robbi what you took away. (and you'll see how to do it) but it's the most sensible way. In advance I thank you for the support you gave me while you were in the ranks of VNG, I am not the one to judge you and therefore I give you that little advice so that you can improve your situation ...
  2. Hey man welcome back.! and Gratz for that baby there's coming the true happiness...
  3. welcome to our forums sir..!
  4. hey man welcome back again.! gl this time
  5. Hey... welcome to vanguard forums
  6. was soo fun... and Ez money vanguards... Congratz to everyone.!
  7. Veeeery nice boys... heheh amazing event.! gratz @N_mb for those twice bcp
  8. Gl on this new goals bro... u can do it
  9. Heey.. welcome to vanguard man.! if u want to do some bandos let me know
  10. Very nice man.. GRatz
  11. nice vid... Today for you, tomorrow for me.! teaches of life's
  12. loool nice loots... gf eternal glorys
  13. Hey.! welcome
  14. Hey..! welcome man