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  1. #ekimfordex
  2. Vanguardians! Tonight we had our Sunday clan PVP event against EZ, (elite=zerks) We took part in a 3 round CWA, 2 rounds was first to 50 kills and the last round being knockout round 1 Round 1 was a brilliant performance winning the fight 50-49 in favour of vanguard. a great performance with EZ having +7 on us the k0's were fast and all members were on pile. round 2 Round 2 was close but we got edged out towards the end of the fight, we lost the round 49-50, but it was still a strong performance, EZ still had +11 members on us at this point. round 3 KNOCKOUT ROUND We won the knockout round with EZ leaving the arena when being down to 20-11 in favour of vanguard Considering EZ had +6 on us at the start of this knockout it was a great result for VNG, the K0 power was strong and we was following calls excellent Really good job to everyone who made the event, lets continue to improve!!!
  3. great pk trip guys really well done tonight 4 +1's b00m bank loot
  5. VNG PK trip 22/10/2017 overall a decent pk trip, although unfortunately having to be pushed shallow due to ROT being out around Calisto areas and deep wilderness, after moving down to spider we encountered LC/DK and CT and got into a fight. pictures of loot posted below some decent pk's and overall a decent pk trip. great to see new members attending the pk session and hope you enjoyed it, see you in the future and lets claim the wilderness and get that loot Thanks VnG
  6. booty loot hahahhaha
  7. dex

    when did you get that mate?
  8. I need to do this will do it tomorrow
  9. nice goals mate diaries are awesome to do
  10. deffo not jaja's whole clan voted for this
  11. lmfao that's funny af
  12. gratz robbi
  13. lucky man
  14. tomato to the face hahaha