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  1. I'm sorry I missed your name like a retard. @Nolan. I still have your experience gained from the list but for some reason overlooked it when I scored it, so there's where your EHP is.
  2. As the garbage song in the title and the color of this text suggests, we set Gielnor on fire blazing the community. Albeit a weak EHP output, we still got plenty of VnG to burn their time and tinder for experience gains. One fruit in particular destroyed the competition, who will remain unnamed. Good job @Boofer @robbiboi @VnG Kneeled for getting some decent gains. Everyone who made 1 EHP thank you for participating. RETRACTION: LongSnapper finished 21st with 1.02 EHP, and VnG Jonny finished 22nd. @KC1, @TheeMohican, @N_mb, @Righteousbae, @BV1, @newtonuti, and @OSRSOxygen DID NOT RECEIVE EHP. ......... I @'d everyone twice during the competition on Discord, so there are no excuses.
  3. VnG's Day Out!! ft. DF/PD (surprise visit from V2R lmao) All the SCRAPS in the world were had tonight boys. We made SO much F R E E loot from layin' a smackdown on these kids LMFAO. DF and PD tryna crash our loots but we sent 'em cryin' :joy: :joy: When will these guys learn not to mess with the GREEN!? V2R so bad they needed 4 clans to tryna clear us y'all but VnG never gives up clearing and getting +1's boys! GG EZ, come at us bruhs! Y'all ain't got no chance against the Guard kids.
  4. Hi person I don't know
  5. Sorry for letting us down, I never really had any time to commit to a PvM trip or anything; most of my time was on mobile... Next time we win I hope.
  6. Am I ready for any of them though?
  7. Huh?
  8. Yes, much faster. You get over 500k/hr burning redwoods. Wintertodt maxes out just over 300k/hr at level 99. That being said I'd probably recommend doing wintertodt if you like the pet or want the pyromancer outfit.
  9. Lol awkward. Well I can tell you I'll be doing redwoods for 500k/hr... I already have the Phoenix pet and I have 141K redwood logs in my bank, so........ yeah.
  10. I'd like to start out by saying sorry it took so long for another poll, I was sick right after the competition and never got around to making it, but we had a really big pull last time so maybe a break isn't so bad. Also, 30th poll. Cool I guess. Poll ends soon.
  11. Well lads, Vanguard brings out the whoopin' stick again and makes everyone else fear Green City. Droppin' kids for +1's and clearing whole groups within minutes. If this doesn't prove to the haters that VnG is the clan to beat, then they be ig'nant kids l0l. We're so good, we were able to troll the competition with several ironmen lmfaooo. At first we headed off to Steve (or Nieve for you dead clannies) and cleared those monsters in a matter of minutes, getting several +1's in the process. Then when we realized they were no match for us, we headed to Duradel to try and scope out the scene lookin' for bigger fish to catch. We had a brief run-in with some dark beasts ft. waterfiends, but they're in shambles compared to the mighty Green. Finally, after clearing kids the whole time we had a run-in with some boss tasks. It was a worthy fight considering their status in the world, but of course in the end, VnG smoked 'em. Looks like we go undefeated again! GF's. Ok now that the cringy cliche zybez recap is over with for clickbait, here's the actual thing. Huge gratz @Dunkz for getting the most EHP. He had close competition from @RWalton and @VnG RECK. Overall a very large pull and almost everyone got minimum and then some. I hope the guides/advice helped some learn to slay better. SPEAKING OF ALMOST EVERYONE, HATE TO DO IT AGAIN BUT @Stevie AND @Brian` DID NOT ACHIEVE MINIMUM EHP.
  12. I've been hunting this'n for a loooong time. :3 2 to go!
  13. Hi Tony, great to see you go for it again. I recommend getting some actual rune sets for your tab as we have done F2P wildy wars where you'll need at least like 15 rune sets just in case. It's not a bunch of money but it'll definitely be necessary, as you obviously can't be that helpful in a war with only 2 guthix rune sets lol. Good luck on acceptance and continuing progress!
  14. It doesn't really make any sense so I don't know what would be true or false about it.