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  1. Hi scrub
  2. Welcome friend.
  3. Welcome back Baker.
  4. Hi Xavier.
  5. Hi Jimmy
  6. Hello, I recommend using the full template anyway. It looks professional and mature. Welcome to the community. you're*
  7. Hello. If you're not interested in skilling at all I wouldn't recommend Vanguard, but you might like it regardless.
  8. I don't know what's up with that profile picture, but it creeps me out. I remember you finishing 2nd in a slayer competition, welcome back. If you're planning on staying as community member that might be the best idea.
  9. You could've used a bit more effort. All it took was a quick google search on a screenshot tool to take it real quick. I recommend Gyazo.com Nevertheless, welcome.
  10. Hello Robey, nice to meet you. you're*
  11. Hello, hope you can find the community to your liking. It could use more people with your standards.
  12. Hi, gratz on staff @Dunkz?