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  1. lmfa0l0l0l00l0ll0l0l0l0l00ll0l0l00l0l
  2. Degenerates
  3. Technically Dunkz and Trevor are tied for the closest prediction.
  4. I'll say 28-24 Patriots.
  5. Do lavas with me during the runecrafting competition. Definitely should be able to get 77 in 5 days.
  6. Congratulations Dunkieton!
  7. Nickname
  8. | | | | | Another weekend doing some agility and lots of accounts got valuable levels for their accounts. As this skill seems to be the second favorite behind slayer, we still had a relatively large pull considering how many already have 99 agility lol. The EHP pull wasn't too high but at least most put in a bit of work. I didn't know fruits could run, but they certainly could this time around. The lead is disgusting to look at lol. Shout-out to @Venenatis for doing a lot of agility on his iron-man, and another for @`221 for yet another consistent solid score. No squirrels this competition (of course..) but maybe next time! Here are the results. @RWalton, @Lucho, @25 gp, AND @Ronscapplayr DID NOT RECEIVE MINIMUM EHP. Ryan's a scrub.
  9. Nomg u atistci kkdsi
  10. Lucky you; my turn please.
  11. Really you just gotta do salamanders until 80, then black chinchompas to 99. A nice alternative is getting the Western Province Hard Diary and doing the private red chinchompa cave instead.
  12. pea*