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  1. Thanks for recapping it neighba, 'preciate'cha.
  2. Vanguard went out last weekend for the juiciest gains and axed the scene out for maximum loot. Nobody else was able to match our presence the whole weekend, but there were noteworthy scuffs on Ape Atoll with plenty of split to be had. The teams that dared take us on only lasted moments before they'd take their leaves. We proved this weekend to the clan world that our bark is just as bad as our bite. A shout-out for the most loot gained goes to @Cody! He's the prime example of what clans can accomplish when branching out. Also worthy mentions are @Boofer and @South Dakota. They helped greatly to keep the entire clan stay rooted at the top. Vanguard will likely stay there for a long time to come, knock on wood. @Tye and @ONEAL DID NOT RECEIVE MINIMUM EHP!
  3. After a month off from skilling events, VnG returns in its prime for another run at a competition. This time it was Agility that made the leap forward with tons of levels to be gained. Shout-outs go out to @genericguy55 for a surprise pace and win contender all competition long. @Corvo for not only playing on 2 accounts, but being competitive at the same time. @Harry for sticking to it a lot longer than planned and getting the squirrel. Nice job on everyone who made minimum EHP! When we all jump at the opportunity, there is no roof to our potential. @Baker X DID NOT RECEIVE MINIMUM EHP.
  4. Smart
  5. @Venenatis gets next U: Agility to 99 V: Mining to 99
  6. I enjoyed myself immensely and I'm glad we could have a vital monthly competition. Gratz everyone that got a lot of account gains. #LATA
  7. lmfa0l0l0l00l0ll0l0l0l0l00ll0l0l00l0l
  8. Degenerates
  9. Technically Dunkz and Trevor are tied for the closest prediction.
  10. I'll say 28-24 Patriots.
  11. Do lavas with me during the runecrafting competition. Definitely should be able to get 77 in 5 days.