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  1. I would've expected a final fantasy game lol. Mine's Runescape if isn't obvious by my literal years of in-game time and my account.
  2. Hi
  3. Your vote will not count.
  4. New poll timeeeeeee, let's vote 'er off.
  5. Alrighty then
  6. Eminem's a retard so I'll have to go with 7 lol
  7. I don't even like yugioh so 5
  8. 3 I think, but I like both
  9. I'll still be paying the same so it doesn't matter to me but $11 a month is very steep for newcomers; probably another dumb decision by the higher-ups.
  10. After a relatively strong pull, VnG harassed the local fishing community with memes and dank gains. Otto wasn't too happy about the sudden influx of VnG attendee's, but he can suck it. Movies were watched. Games were multi-tasked. Herbs were used on tar right before you cast your rod to somehow make you physically fish faster, just like in real life. Congratulations on @R3CK for being better than everyone else this time, in questionable fashionscape. Also gz to @Billyd3rd and @Basshunter for top-notch gains. @Fear, @venomnous, @Musical, @Kieran, and @Brian` did not achieve minimum EHP. @Brian` is the only one who informed me of progress. Step it up next time.
  11. You seem too sketchy and dishonorable for me, but maybe your place as a team leader and PvP enthusiast will sway whomever accepts the application.
  12. definitely 2, code red is THE god of all drinks