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  1. Aye happy anniversary! #VNG
  2. Love to see it
  3. Welcome!
  4. Dang, tough loss for EDM. RIP.
  5. Was a lot of fun, felt good to be back in the chambers. Lets crush this PvM war!
  6. Was a fun fight, was a tough one for my first fight in a while but we pulled through! gf RoT
  7. It pains me that I couldn't go hard this event since I love Wintetodt and really want the pet . Congrats to @Ekim on another win, we gotta have similar overall placements at this point lol. Well done to @Lucho1991 on the serious level gains and pet! Congrats @MrBookman and @Tomato on their milestones. Solid gains everyone!
  8. Welcome welcome!
  9. Aye finally had a reason to do smithing despite hating it lol. Hurt my bank but finally got 90 smithing done. Good gains all around!
  10. fun little trip, got me some nice l00ts
  11. This was a blast lol. Fire surge op
  12. Welcome!
  13. Good stuff everyone!