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  1. I may or may not have forgot to post this within 24 hours sorry @Pur3 Str0ng2 <3 But we continue, here is a throwback to high school days, where would you rather 1v1, if you don't know what either of them are I'm sorry for your childhood. I tag @^Marvels to do E & F C: (Modern Warfare 2 Rust) D: (Halo 1)
  2. There is an absurd amount of fish, how can I compare these two. We talking literally all kinds of fish and seafood vs steak? if thats the case fish easy
  3. Just when I think this clan get get anymore weird yall go and do something like this
  4. 38-31 Patriots all day baby
  5. Gz on everyone that actually managed to get drops lol, pass the rng pipe please
  6. Hacks
  7. Three Days Grace, when Adam was the lead singer
  8. Love it
  9. Sheesh PvP really is dead
  10. These guys gave some good advice. My main suggestions would be rush quests then camp nightmare zone for higher combat stats. The main thing that keeps people playing this game is slayer and bossing so higher you get combat stats the quicker that can happen. Slap that account in nightmare zone while you league and when you beef it up we can get some bossing in . And of course I'm always a quick pm away if you want help!
  11. I thought I had gotten signed up for a comp i didnt know about lmao, gl friends
  12. Quality
  13. Oh my now this is what you love to see
  14. Poor venny
  15. You're my hero, gz!