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  1. He will more than likely go first overall so good luck lol
  2. Alright VnG, apparently there is some actual interest for fantasy this year so I'm going to go ahead and make a league for us. In the past people have claimed they want to participate but it never ends up working out, so lets try and see if we can actually maintain some interest up until draft day. This will be done through ESPN, sorry if you prefer other sites.. I like ESPN the most. I'll keep it standard scoring for now, if everyone agrees on changing the scoring to PPR or something I can make that happen but standard is just the easiest overall. I'm setting the limit at 8 people, less than that just isn't really all that fun since everyone will have stacked teams. 8 is the cut off but the more people we have, the more fun it becomes. (12 would be the best but there will be no limit past 8) There will be a buy in for this in order to make things a little more fun, I will determine the buy in amount based on how many people sign up. Probably 2-5m. I will also personally double the pot, whatever it ends up being. Winner will get 80%, second gets 20%. I also heard rumblings that Mike will commission GFX for the winner for some added incentive. Please reply below if you are interested (ez post count). If you have never participated in fantasy but have always been interested this is a good time to give it a shot. Feel free to pm me or anyone who replies if you have any questions on how it works or any other basic questions. I will be making a discord group if enough people show interest and that is where I'll link the league page and we can argue for a few weeks on when the draft will be. Lets try to make this actually happen this year, fantasy is fun as fuck and I'd love some extra shit talk over the season on top of Brady's inevitable 7th ring.
  3. Nfl

  4. Oh my god it finally happened. I'm so happy I could cry. Shout out to my teammates, this was a super fun comp and I very much enjoyed pvming with you lads. I appreciate the carry lol. Grats to everyone on the loot and shout out to Team Game for making that shit a nail biter and making me hella tired for work today. Also, thank you @Kneeled for a format that allowed me to finally get carried to a victory. #ErolbrehPvMChamp
  5. Y'all getting good with these photoshoped pics of me dying
  6. 80,920,420, have fun bud
  7. 466 521
  8. Sir what you've had/seen bows
  9. Once upon a time there was a man... a simple man with big dreams to see Twisted Bows along side his green brothers and sisters. This man has battled the Chambers of Xeric for over 2 years with this single goal, a goal that has led him down a path of pain and suffering at the hands of a rare purple light and a common white light. He as continually fought alongside his green brothers and sisters who have begun to turn on him due to his failures and have labeled him after his arch nemesis.. the Arcane Prayer Scroll. The battle seems to have no end and the goal begins to fall farther and farther out of view. This is that mans story.. Alright no but seriously, as I sit here approaching 1,000 Chambers KC (constantly bullied by my peers because of my RNG) I have been thinking to myself... How shit is my RNG really been? I feel like some people don't really understand how bad its been or maybe some of you think its worse than people make it out to be, I'll let you decide after this post. I decided to take a trip down memory lane and look at my old Chambers screenshots. I have taken screenshots of every drop I've had in my name since I started. Unfortunately, I have not kept track of every drop I have seen but RuneLite keeps track of all my Chamber's chests so I went through and gathered all drops I could find through those for your viewing pleasure. I've only had RL since 535 KC so its only a representation of what I've seen but trust me when I say my RNG was significantly worse before that (Ask Aldo, Bass, and Brent they suffered as well back then lol). I'll start with the highlights for those of you that don't care to look much into and just want a quick laugh... Since I began raiding (release date) I have had a whopping total of 20 drops in my name. My current KC is 965 (plus like 30-40 ish pre kill counter). Those drops and screenshots are shown here: TLDR: Ancestral Bottoms: 1 Ancestral Hat: 3 Ancestral Top: 0 Dragon Axes: 1 Dragon Sword: 1 Dragon Harpoon: 0 Dex: 5 Arcane: 5 Dragon Claws: 1 Twisted Buckler: 1 Dinhs Bulwark: 1 DHCB: 0 Elder Maul: 1 Kodai: 0 Twisted Bow: 0 Highlights include: Drystreak of 100+ between drop 1 and 2 (also look at those times and gear early on lol), longest dry streak of 227, another dry streak of 162, 7 drops in first 600 KC, first prayer scroll at 598, and most importantly 5 dexs and 5 arcanes (fuck your memes lul). Now like I said RuneLite tracked all my chest after 535 so for fun I went and pulled all my seen drops since then (plus a my in name drops and 2 I had saved). Won't include the screenies from here but heres the highlights + list: TLDR: Seen: Ancestral Bottoms: 2 Ancestral Hat: 5 Ancestral Top: 0 Dragon Axes: 2 Dragon Sword: 1 Dragon Harpoon: 1 Dex: 13 Arcane: 14 Dragon Claws: 2 Twisted Buckler: 2 Dinhs Bulwark: 1 DHCB: 1 Elder Maul: 3 Kodai: 0 Twisted Bow: 2 (1 FFA, not mine) Total: 49 List: KC - Drop (Whose Name) Screenshots of seen items (only RL kept track of these, have them after 535) --------------------Pre RL Tracking------------------ Pre KC Tracker - Ancestral Hat (Erolbreh) 3 - Ancestral Robe Bottoms (VnG Darken) 107 - Ancestral Hat (Erolbreh) 334 - Dragon Thrownaxe (Erolbreh) 354 - Dinh's Bulwark (Erolbreh) 411 - Dragon Sword (Erolbreh) 428 - Twisted Bow (Lord Dillon) ---------------------RL Tracked all chests------------------ 536 - Arcane (N_MB) 542 - Dex (Lord Dillon) 553 - Arcane (Lumifrost, FFA) 563 - Dex (TheeMohican) 571 - Arcane (Join VNG) 573 - Elder Maul (Erolbreh) 581 - Arcane (VnG Kneeled) 598 - Dex (Erolbreh) 597 - Ancestral Hat (VnG Kneeled) 608 - Arcane (TheeMohican) 615 - Arcane (TheeMohican) 626 - Dex (Erolbreh) 632 - Dex (Erolbreh) 634 - Arcane (VnG uWantSum) 636 - Dragon Harpoon (Join VNG) 640 - Dragon Claws (Erolbreh) 643 - Dex (Erolbreh) 649 - Arcane (Aldo Apache8) 654 - Arcane (Martyrs) 713 - Dex (Zwef) 708 - Twisted Buckler (Erolbreh) 744 - Arcane (Erolbreh) 754 - Dex (RIP Piggy) 757 - Dex (VnG Oneal) 781 - Arcane (Erolbreh) 790 - Dragon Thrownaxe (BoostedChimp) 814 - Dex (Basshunter) 830 - Ancestral Hat (Erolbreh) 832 - Dex (Onii-chan, FFA) 845 - Arcane (Erolbreh) 849 - Ancestral Robe Bottoms (Erolbreh) 866 - Dex (Erolbreh) 881 - Twisted Buckler (VnG Cody) 899 - Elder Maul (VnG Cody) 915 - Ancestral Hat (Aldo Apache8) 916 - Dex (N_MB) 937 - Arcane (Erolbreh) 946 - Elder Maul (N_MB) 948 - Dragon Claws (N_MB) 949 - Arcane (Erolbreh) 954 - Twisted Bow (VnG Pur3, FFA) 955 - Arcane (Smite Ur IP) 963 - Dragon Hunter Crossbow (N_MB) This is post 535 KC but this is also significantly more drops than I saw pre 535, you'll have to trust me on that. Multiple decently sized dry streaks in there because why not. Using the metric of 535 - 965 KC I have seen a total of 42 drops in 430 KC, that's an average of 1 drop every 10 raids. So honestly my number of drops seen isn't awful I guess but the quality of items I see is actually terrible lol. That is my story now you decide, is my RNG actually shit? The battle against the chambers continues...
  10. ToB is by far the best money maker without a doubt, hope people take you up on this. I'm currently just don't enjoy ToB so I won't be grinding it until after olmlet.
  11. Hmm it all depends on how you play it, im guessing like 1750 if you make it past todt
  12. Yo wtf now this is the content i need to see, also fuck you thats nasty rng
  13. Three Days Grace - One X
  14. I've reached burn out levels on this skill, the final push is gonna be rough
  15. jealous, thats my fav pet, gz!