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  1. X, no contest
  2. U, mining is the devil
  3. Lmao all the low ball answers, how good is boosted's rng.... hmmmmm 302.
  4. Firemaking (wintertodt), Herblore, and post 77 RC
  5. Alright boys, tried this last year and didn't have a whole lot of interest but WE GO AGAIN. I've added a link to an ESPN group for us, just go in there and make a bracket. Anyone is welcome to make a bracket, limit is one per person. There is no buy in for this so I highly suggest everyone make one just for fun, even if you have zero knowledge of college basketball you could still do better than those of us who do, that's the nature of this tournament. Password: vanguard I will personally fund a prize pool for this that will be for the top two brackets (maybe 80% and 20%). I'll determine the size of the prize pool after I see how many people make brackets (not gonna give 50m for 3 people lol). If you want to add money to the pot that would also be appreciated. If you have any questions feel free to message me or anyone else who has done these before.
  6. Ez cash
  7. Ez game, gz
  8. DunkzToday at 10:22 PM Comment for Forum Activity
  9. I may or may not have forgot to post this within 24 hours sorry @Pur3 Str0ng2 <3 But we continue, here is a throwback to high school days, where would you rather 1v1, if you don't know what either of them are I'm sorry for your childhood. I tag @^Marvels to do E & F C: (Modern Warfare 2 Rust) D: (Halo 1)
  10. There is an absurd amount of fish, how can I compare these two. We talking literally all kinds of fish and seafood vs steak? if thats the case fish easy
  11. Just when I think this clan get get anymore weird yall go and do something like this
  12. 38-31 Patriots all day baby
  13. Gz on everyone that actually managed to get drops lol, pass the rng pipe please
  14. Hacks