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  1. Gz on loot lads
  2. Gz everyone!
  3. Alright vanguardians, NFL preseason has begun and that means football season has begun and with football comes fantasy football! I have heard multiple members express interest in a vanguard fantasy league so I figured I'd post a topic to gauge actual interest. Either respond to this post or message me if you want to join. I want at least 8 people but the more people to join the more fun it is. If enough people show interest I'll post a reply with the link to join the league and we can figure out a draft time that works for everyone. Fantasy is a ton of fun and makes watching games more entertaining. People new to fantasy feel free to join in on this I'd be more than happy to explain things and give you an overview. If we can get enough people for this I'll be putting up rsgp for the top people at the end of the season, the more people we get the more I'll give out . Feel free to respond or message me with any questions!
  4. Love to see it lads
  5. Seen you around quite a bit. Welcome!
  6. good shit man, love tha gainz
  7. Welcome, please get that range up lol
  8. *insert happy birthday emoji here*
  9. big oof. The sea of looters was something I have not seen in a while lol
  10. top tier stuff lads
  11. Indiana
  12. Good fun, always down to help teach