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  1. Ez for VnG
  2. Sad to hear, he has some right bangers too!
  3. Mixing whisky with coke? No thanks. I'll take the cheap vodka 17
  4. Solid effort guys looks like you had fun! Wish I could have been there
  5. Of course the English people want the tea... 11. Gotta be Coffee
  6. 10! I prefer pepsi to coke and I actually dislike dr pepper. Also, cheetos are great
  7. Gotta be cod4, racked up a crazy amount of playtime on that game.
  8. 8
  9. If this is really necessary IMO they should have waited till after mobile release. The higher price might put off more people .
  10. Gotta be 5
  11. 4. I love kit kats. That is some weird wrapper though...
  12. Oooo, solid effort
  13. Good job guys
  14. Pls gimme more motivation to spam click knights. I've burnt out
  15. Hey Love the name. One of my good irl pals has a very similar xbox name. I'm assuming you're from Scotland by the name, but you support Arsenal ? Hmmmm Welcome