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  1. Gj fam looked like a riot
  2. oooof, looks like a feast
  3. Still no elyyyyyyyyyy
  4. The grinddddd! Good luck!
  5. Had some fun doing Zalcano when i was at Briana's, looks like everyone else was having a good time as well. Gj fam
  6. Looked like a nice trip 👍
  7. Was a good trip 💪💪
  8. Fun night out with the fam 👌 Easy little scraps for the green machines
  9. Vanguard Another competition as come to an end after a 7 day marathon of Raids,Wilderness bosses, and lots of Slayer bossing in between. The race to first was pretty neck and neck with Team game and The underdogs kept the points around the same amount through out most of it while Team 4Wheelers fell behind in points later in the week. The underdogs came in super clutch with some last minute barrows items from the birdman himself @Steve and secured their victory! Thank you to everyone that signed up and threw in the cash pool for the event. I will be looking out for another event soon but versus a clan this time. So Congrats to The Underdogs on winning a combined cash pile of 70M and a GFX i'm having made and will tag everyone it when its finished up(he's making it today or tomorrow) Team captain Pm me to collect winnings The Underdogs Erolbreh Mitch Creepster Steve DeathZ Lasttearbend Firehands Boosted Chimp
  10. Looked like a good turn out fam, i was a little occupied when ya'll started
  11. Y'all feasteeeeeeeeed!!