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  2. Oooof look at those gains
  3. Easy loot for the boys
  4. Look at that absolute feast. Good job men and women
  5. Had fun and made a bit of bank. Oooof
  6. Was a fun time boppin some people out with this set up
  7. Devowr is making cake this week, congrats on the win
  8. Jesus christ @Nancy, you got a relic after i left after 2 or so hours, OOOOOOOF Was a great event as usual, love my clan.
  9. Vanguardians I'm going to keep this short and sweet with some stats of the competition and congrats to @oneal3665 @VnG Mitch @^Marvels on winning with most points and grabbing the 60M prize pool for the week long competition. Thanks everyone that took part in it and the almost come back by Dunkz group was great. -Teams and Points-1. Dream Team (Team Captain @oneal3665) points : 214. 2. Comeback KINGS (Team Captain @Dunkz) points: 193. 3. #GodSquad (Team Captain @Kneeled) points : 110. 4. PVM LOOPS #6 (Team Captain @Harry) points: 71. 5. Money Team #5 (Team Captain @N_mb) points: 51. 6. Group 1 (Team Captain @Brian) points: 16.
  10. Good work on the small trip fam.
  11. Good work fam, look at those gainzzz
  12. Vanguardians! The time has finally come where someone dug super deep into the scavenger hunt and completed it fully SOLO. This competition was meant to be for the long haul for always something to work on when you had nothing else to do while working for a nice chunky reward of 50M GP, HUGGGGE congrats to @`221 for beasting this board out with his insane RNG which surpassed mine by a long shot. Everyone else that took part in the competition in anyway, THANK YOU and Good luck on the inner pvm competition starting tomorrow. Winning card:
  13. Good work today fam. Was a fun fight
  14. Proud leader right here. Good night fellas
  15. Easy money made last night, about 10M personally for me. Thanks for the event and great pull tonight fam.