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  1. Welcome man! Stick around and browse the forums some.
  2. Wow venny was actually runecrafting?? Welcome to the forums though!
  3. Vanguardians The week has ended and i know the topic is a little later then usual but this one was a huge one and that doesn't take away from the amazing week we just had in Vanguard, with many events hosted by different people. Chambers of xeric/Bandos Mass/RevLockdown/Veracs only KQ/Community Castle wars/& small mans in between for the random juice and total fun, we stay completely active in Vanguard in all areas of the game, Pve/Pvm/Pvp. So enjoy the MASSIVE content below and stay tuned for more of the green men and women in the future. First event of the week started with some good ole chambers of xeric hosted by @oneal3665 with us doing 3 mass raids doing all of them in a timely fashion but receiving no loots the few raids that we did this time but you can peep the random loots in the pictures below to see some absolute juice gained through out the week in raids after the event had happened. Second event of the week was a Bandos mass hosted by @oneal3665 We locked down two worlds hopping around for about 1 1/2 - 2 hrs time with @N_mb Receiving a FFA Bandos tasset, no other drops were obtained during the rest of the time here. Solid trip for the guard Third event of the week was the Revenant lockdown hosted by @RWalton Lets face it.. this event is always GREAT with Vanguard coming out with Millions and Millions of GP richer each time we enter the caves, tons of revenants were killed and many pkers were ended. There was at least 4+ Ancient items dropped with a Amulet of Avarice as well. Vanguard was left with completely packed looting bags after the night was finished. Fourth event of the week was a cheeky little verac only KQ mass hosted by @Harry, this was something a bit of a old school vibe as we chilled for about 1 1/2 hours, with Nancy getting the only Dragon chain of the event and a couple others receiving some KQ heads, nothing to big just some good clan fun and laughs on teamspeak. Last event of the week but not forgotten was the Community Castle-wars event hosted by @The Reverence for just a little hour or so of fun as this was the Reddit event posted for the week so we had Vanguard show a little support, with the main group of Vanguardians staying about 3-4 games total before the hype died down. DISCORD | "VnG" Public CC
  4. GJ JP!!
  5. Welcome to the forums sir, i seen you been chilling in the cc recently.
  6. Welcome sir! Mars is good people!!
  7. Welcome to Vanguard forums, do you plan on going for any noteable goals right now or just casually playing?
  8. Welcome to the forums sir, hopefully we can get you on board with the green side sooner then later
  9. Hey man! Maxing is a goal for a ton of people in here. Many have achieved already
  10. Good intro sir, any desire to Max combat in the future?
  11. Welcome sir, browse the forums some!
  12. NIce adrian, come back to us fam!
  13. Ladies and gentlemen I bring to you another juicy week of the Vanguard squads weekly events which included, a prepped CWA practice with Vengenace showing a lot of our new bloods the ropes and get them in the feel for more down the road, A corporeal beast event that ended with the Vanguard clan coming out on top this time ending our massive dry streak of a Sigil with @`221 scoring a Spectral in his name. Next day was our usual revenant slaying event which was guaranteed success as we went out in complete rag risking bare sack while reaping the benefits of being skulled killing revenants scoring us up to 8+ Ancient items with 2-3 Magic seed drops, plenty of PKs and just total FUN, another shot of rng for @`221 scored him winning the 2x ancient reward for this event. We had finished out our weekly events with a big community corporeal beast event hosted by @The Reverence on Saturday which was open to anyone in the public, we had a bout 30 or so people there with half being Vanguard for a good 3 hours long, no huge items were gained but many onyx bolts and holy elixirs were snagged. Great week for Vanguard, Stay tuned for more Enjoy the content below. DISCORD | "VnG" Public CC
  14. Welcome back sir, good to hear your living situation is handled now
  15. LOLOL