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  2. was a fun time last night, had a few kills and some good laughs.
  3. Fun week in the guard as usual, looks like everyone made some good money too
  4. Im a big fan of the red TBH, but the new hydra helm is dope
  5. Oooooof, look at all that juice. looks like yall scored some juicy action. Hope to be off these 12 hour days sooooon
  6. Looks like yall had a good time, i had to cook dinner and and such when i got off work didnt really have time to join. Good work men and women!!
  7. Good job everyone, looks like a feast
  8. Thank you for fight, 420. Was a good little scrap.
  9. looks like the juice was made tonight, good job Guard
  10. Grats Nancy :3
  11. Smoked like a Thanksgiving turkey
  12. 2k

    Gzzz dude
  13. Congrats Dunkleton