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  1. What's a absolute cracker of a week, so many gains and gp's made well done all
  2. Hello and welcome back hope you are back for the long haul look forward to pk with you
  3. Very good week vanguardians well done!
  4. Welcome very nice intro mate
  5. Hello and welcome mate hope to get to know you!
  6. What a good looking week! Community corp was very fun
  7. Very well done everyone! Smashing week
  8. Very juicy Lewts, we ate well tonight
  9. Easy money! Was a ton of fun
  10. Very Juicy! Well done guys and girls of Vanguard
  11. Was fun for the few kills I was there!
  12. I chose spy after watching the movie Spy and thought it was cool and have stuck with it since 2015
  13. Well done guys looked liked fun!